The content in this blog post is courtesy of Brad Nycz, customer success manager and former Kronos customer. We worked together to bring you an article on busting common myths about the new Workforce Ready user experience. Enjoy! — Holly 


It was a cold, rainy winter’s day when Nancy (an HR manager for a retail chain in the Midwest) settled into her desk to crack an important case — the case of adopting the new user experience. 

Nancy felt uncertain about making the switch since she’d just introduced the new Kronos Workforce Ready® suite mobile app to her employees last month.

“Surely, this is too much change for them,” Nancy thought as she took a sip of coffee and opened her laptop. “I heard that there are many things missing in the new user experience, and I want my employees to have all the features they need.” 

Even though these thoughts raced through Nancy’s head, she pushed them away. “Kronos has been by my side since I was a teenage swim instructor swiping the clock at my local YMCA. They gave me my first paycheck. They are here with me now as an HR manager responsible for the system. They won’t let me down. If they are having me move to a new experience, it's going to be a better one!” With this realization, Nancy went to work researching release notes.

Follow along as she debunks each of her concerns about adopting the new user interface (UI) and exposes them as myths.

The Case of Releases Past and the Workforce Ready New User Experience

Myth 1: You can’t view your pay statement in the new UI. You need to download it first. This could be a nightmare for her employees who don’t want to download their paychecks to the store’s computer. 

  • Myth Busted: Nancy learned in the R65 (October) Payroll release notes that employees can view and zoom to look at their pay statements. All her employees need to do is go to My Info > My Pay > Pay History and click on the Pay Statement Preview.

Myth 2: Open enrollments (OE) need to be cleaned up after the enrollment date has ended. If some employees don’t finish their enrollment, they can still submit that enrollment after the enrollment date has passed. 

  • Myth Busted: Nancy was happy to find out that isn’t the case in the new UI. The system prevents employees from submitting their open enrollment selection after the selection period has ended. This means Nancy can stay on top of any stragglers who haven’t filled out their open enrollment options and allows for easy cleanup when she sees unfinished OE selections. Nancy learned all about this in the R65 release notes for HR.

Myth 3: Managers like Nancy can’t view employees’ schedules by month. Nancy needs this feature the most in order to plan for the upcoming delivery of the new collection of spring candles. She needs more employees on the last Monday of the month to stock the shelves.

  • Myth Busted: Nancy can view her employees’ schedules by the month! It’s through the View By Month feature. Nancy found this feature in the R66 (December) release notes for Scheduler. 

Myth 4: Nancy uncovers that most of her job candidates are applying using mobile devices. She is concerned she’ll lose candidates who pick up their applications from a computer because the experience is different. She also worries that she won’t be able to field their questions because her experience as an admin will also be different. 

  • Myth Busted: With the new UI, the experience is the same for the candidate and the administrator. In fact, the experience is much more pleasant and user-friendly for both, as it’s consistent across all devices. This makes it easier for candidates to apply for jobs. And when candidates call with questions, it will be easy for Nancy to answer their questions because she’s experiencing the system the same way they do.

Myth 5: Nancy saw in Kronos Community that filtering in reports is more time consuming in the new UI. Since she relies on many workforce reports (such as Turnover Statistics, Calculated Time Summary, Benefit Enrollment Status, and Projected Hours Worked to name just a few), she dreads the extra steps it will take to use the filtering in the new UI. 

  • Myth Busted: While this myth was a truth before the R66 release in December, the Kronos product team diligently listened to feedback that customers wanted to bring back filtering to the reports screen for ease of use, rather than having to click to filter. Now, Nancy will experience no change in the way she filters reports in the new UI. She learned all about this in the R66 Cross Product release notes.

Myth 6: Nancy is most reluctant about moving to the new UI because she fears having to train her staff all over again after she’s just taught everyone how to use the new mobile app. Nancy can already see her staff huff and puff over this because of the time it will take out of their workdays to train their employees. 

  • Myth Busted: The new UI is the same as in the desktop app — so there is no need to retrain her staff! Nancy was elated to learn this during one of the New UI Training sessions. While she doesn’t need to dedicate a ton of attention to retraining folks, Nancy does use the short before-and-after videos and the posters and emails in the Engagement Toolkit to help her get the word out about the new UI. Nancy can access all of these great tools via the New User Experience page in Kronos Community. Nancy is feeling like a modern-day Sherlock Holmes now that she has cracked the case of the new UI and debunked her concerns. With proof now in her hands, Nancy is ready to make the switch to the new UI!

Supporting Resources 

  • For 24/7 access to release notes and user guides for the classic user experience, log in to your account, and go to Our Company > Download Documents > Service Provider Documents within the Workforce Ready solution.
  • For 24/7 access to release notes and user guides for the new user experience, log in to your account and go to My Info > My Learning > Product Documentation within the Workforce Ready solution.
  • Bookmark the Release Readiness page in Kronos Community for everything you need to learn about what’s new and what’s next.
  • Visit the Workforce Ready Announcements group in Kronos Community to stay up to date on published release notes and future release dates.
  • Alert groups provide you with important notifications on critical system updates. Not sure which alert group to join? Click here.
  • To share ideas about new Workforce Ready features or enhancements and to vote on fellow users’ ideas, log in to Kronos Community and visit the IDEAS section.

Brad NyczBrad joined Kronos as a customer success manager in March of 2018 with a passion for helping customers achieve ROI. He comes from a variety of executive-level positions where he demonstrated his abilities as a strategic thinker with a unique combination of strong interpersonal communication skills and technical experience. Brad is a passionate leader who is energized by helping leaders achieve their full potential and helping organizations exceed expectations.

Published: Tuesday, February 25, 2020