Breakthrough employee experience: 15-minute demo of Workforce Dimensions

Do you remember when listening to music meant you were listening to a concrete device called a radio, stereo, or boombox?

Or when renting a movie required taking a trip to the video store?

What about directions? I’m not entirely sure anyone born in the last fifteen years would recognize the term gazetteer or atlas.

Today, apps on our mobile devices and internet on our computers make things like listening to music, streaming videos, and getting directions quick, simple, and convenient. We’re used to the ease, speed, and functionality of the applications we use in our personal lives – so, of course, we’d want to mirror that experience with the technology we use at work. We don’t want to have training that's long and cumbersome. The technology has got to be intuitive enough for us to jump in and catch onto the basics right out of the gate.

That’s what Kronos had in mind when developing Workforce Dimensions. This breakthrough technology takes the employee experience to the next level. It empowers users to work smarter in a modern cloud and allows the flexibility to perform tasks the way you want and when and where you feel like working on them. To visualize what all this means, check out the short Workforce Dimensions demo video. You’ll learn how

  1. Hourly employees can quickly and easily update timecards, view schedules and accruals, and do it all from any device, anywhere
  2. Salaried employees can access time-off requests and accruals, and track billable time with project timecards
  3. Managers can gain access to real-time embedded analytics with one touch and turn valuable insight into action
  4. Your entire workforce can streamline and simplify daily tasks with built-in machine learning/artificial intelligence that learns, infers, and makes recommendations based on meaningful patterns.

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Published: Thursday, March 22, 2018