What a year it’s been! We shared more than 85 blogs to Working Smarter Café over the last 12 months. Among our most popular were posts featuring content geared toward new releases, KronosWorks, and product tips and tricks. Check out this list of a few of our most-read titles.

The Best of Working Smarter Cafe in 20182018 brought a couple of great changes to Working Smarter Café as well. A year ago, I had not yet recorded any podcasts, and the Working Smarter Café blog existed separately from Kronos.com – both defining aspects of the current Working Smarter Café experience! Integrating with the Kronos website enhanced the reader experience and further aligned the Working Smarter Café brand with Kronos. And podcasts. Well, we really just scratched the surface there.

Which leads me to my plans for 2019. We’re working on new podcasts featuring the knowledge and expertise of Kronos product and services experts. We’re also building up our blog content calendar with more information focusing on solution adoption, best practice recommendations, and customer interviews.

And if you have suggestions, I’m all ears! I’d love to hear your ideas. Simply click here to let us know how you would rate the content shared on Working Smarter Café and what topics and themes you enjoy the most.  


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Happy New Year from all of us at Working Smarter Café – including Norman, honorary team member and Kronos enthusiast pictured left who is patiently waiting to ring in 2019.

Published: Monday, December 31, 2018