I’m spending the mid-morning of my 17th Kronos anniversary at Gate 30 in the American Airlines terminal at Logan Airport. I should be in the air, on my way to a sales meeting in Dallas, but a 2-hour commute to the airport put me on the “missed my flight” list. In spite of this minor setback, I’m feeling quite fortunate personally and professionally these days, and I’m especially mindful today of all the people who help create that reality. I could not be in a better work environment. Kronos ranks well above global IT company benchmarks for employee engagement and employee retention, and we just found out we’ll again be recognized by the Boston Business Journal as a “Best Place to Work” for 2017.

2017… Having started with Kronos in 2000, anniversaries are easy enough to do the math in my head. It’s been an amazing run. A billion dollar run, really. In 2000, we had annual revenues of about $200 million, and now we’re over $1.2 billion a year… In some ways the place has changed, but in more ways it’s the same. From my first day and the 6,208 since, I’ve worked for people who care about me and my family – as people. Pete, Barb, Joyce. They’re all still here, and they’re a huge part of the reason for my engagement and retention. Thanks to you all. Today the future looks brighter than ever, but who can predict it?

Actually... it turns out Kronos can.

We’ve just been named a “High Performer” – the highest category represented – in the HfS Research Blueprint Guide for Predictive Capabilities in Human Capital Management (HCM) Systems. The report highlights Kronos’ commitment to execution and innovation in predictive HCM.

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Published: Monday, April 24, 2017