Brad Nycz, Workforce Ready customer success manager and former Kronos customer, is at it again for Release 64! Check out the snippets below detailing the eight Workforce Ready enhancements he’s selected to highlight!


1. No Social Security Number, No Problem! Primary National IDs for Single EIN Companies 

Peter is an HR administrator at a large staffing agency serving both the U.S. and Canada. The agency’s Kronos Workforce Ready® suite works really well for U.S. employees, but Peter had to get creative when entering Canadian new hires. The solution required a Social Security number for every employee entered into the system. However, Peter has just learned that this is no longer true. One of his friends in the Kronos Community sent a note with the news that Workforce Ready can now accommodate other national ID numbers such as Social Insurance numbers. Furthermore, this means the company can now use Workforce Ready to process payroll for U.S. and Canadian employees. Peter picks up the phone to give his manager a call.

Who will find it useful: Administrators

Where to learn more: Cross Product Release Notes for August


2. Branded and Tailored Applicant Experience 

Susan is the HR/IT manager at a large food corporation. She’s in the process of customizing the Job Search Setup links for the pasta division, dessert division, and drink division at the company. Each division has its own EIN number, and thanks to the capabilities of the new applicant portal for Workforce Ready, she can create a unique experience with separate graphics, cover images, and text for each area of the business. Leadership in each division will be pleased to know they can now have tailored applicant experiences for their new hire candidates.

This isn’t the only benefit of the new applicant experience Susan is excited about. The Workforce Ready mobile app provides a branded and easy-to-fill-out job application experience for candidates applying for jobs on their phones. Job candidates can access their complete applicant information anytime, anywhere. Susan is looking forward to sharing the good news with the leadership teams.

Who will find it useful: Recruiting team

Where to learn more: HR Release Notes for August


3. Multiple EIN Option for HR Turnover Rates Report

Susan’s managers were excited about creating unique experiences for their applicants, and she’s happy to share another pleasant surprise with those managers. They’ve asked for the monthly turnover rate report of the company’s separate divisions. In the past, Susan could look at only one division at a time for the turnover rates report. Now, she can pull an HR report across all EINs and show the results for each division in one place. She also can graph these reports next to each other with the new graphing capabilities enabled in the new user experience, leading her to discover that the pasta division is doing much better than the others. She can’t wait to present the information at the next group meeting.  

Who will find it useful: HR team

Where to learn more: HR Release Notes for August


4. Allowing Time Off in Future Timesheets — No More Warnings!

Samantha spends Friday afternoons entering requested time off into her employees’ timesheets. Whenever she enters time off for a future pay period, she receives a pop-up warning — something that frustrates her, considering the requests are valid. Today, Samantha is pleasantly surprised when she sits down to enter time-off requests. She doesn’t receive any warnings! She checks the Workforce Ready release notes and sees that “Allow Time Off in Future Timesheets” is one of the newest solution enhancements. An internal Kronos administrator at her organization must have learned about it and enabled it for their Workforce Ready system. Samantha decides to see what else she can schedule in advance without a warning or error message. Brenda, one of the retail associates, is out with the flu, and Samantha is quite confident Brenda won’t be better by Monday. She attempts to schedule a sick day for Brenda, but the system won’t allow it. That’s probably for the best, she thinks. At least there will be no more interruptions with system pop-ups when entering valid time. That will save her a few clicks.

Who will find it useful: Administrators 

Where to learn more: TLM Release Notes for August


5. New UI: Time-Off Request Calendar View

Trisha has always been a new UI supporter, but the one thing she misses about the classic experience is the Time-Off Request page allowing employees and managers to look for and request available time off. However, as of this morning, Trisha knows there’s nothing to miss anymore. She’s learned that the Time-Off Request page with the calendar view she loved so much is back. Now, she can reference the calendar before sending a request to her manager, and her employees can do the same when submitting a vacation request to her. It’s a huge time saver to be able to see which days are already spoken for before submitting any requests.

Who will find it useful: Employees and managers

Where to learn more: TLM Release Notes for August


6. Time Entry Approval — Rejection Notes 

Jane is the HR business partner at a toy manufacturing company. She sees a request come through from Paula, one of the precision assemblers in the production center. It’s a leave of absence request because Paula’s mother is sick and needs care. Jane takes a quick moment to run over and thank the HR administrator and let him know that the time entry approval workflow is functioning properly. Before the latest Workforce Ready release, requests like these would get held up with employees’ managers, even though they are meant for HR approval or rejection. The request came right to Jane as it should have, allowing her to quickly address the matter at hand. Jane accepts the request and writes back to Paula. 

Who will find it useful: HR team

Where to learn more: TLM Release Notes for August


7. EEO-1 Form — Lookback Period Expanded

Greg, a small business owner, has just learned that the EEO-1 government report on ethnicity, race, and gender now requires a full year’s worth of data, rather than the snapshot view required in the past. Greg reaches out to his customer success manager at Kronos to see whether there is any way that he can use Workforce Ready to help him gather the information he needs for the EEO-1 form, and he is delighted with the response. The solution is fully equipped to support him. Greg is told that he can access the information under HR > Reports > HR Maintenance and apply the Add Component 1 and 2 options in the report to get a lookback period of one to two years. No need to sweat; maintaining EEO-1 compliance will be much less of a concern with Workforce Ready to help.  

Who will find it useful: HR team

Where to learn more: HR Release Notes for August


8. ACA — Safe Harbor Enhancements

Jeremy works in the benefits department at a marketing communications company. He was super excited to hear about the enhancements allowing Safe Harbor plans to be calculated as part of the Affordable Care Act using Workforce Ready. The company has several employees with Safe Harbor medical plans. These solution enhancements will make his job so much easier when it comes to ACA filing each year.  

Who will find it useful: Benefits team

Where to learn more: HR Release Notes for August



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Brad NyczThe content from this blog post is courtesy of Brad Nycz, customer success manager and former Kronos customer. Brad identifies key features in recent releases, and we translate them into digestible content. We hope you enjoyed this article on release 64! 

Published: Friday, November 1, 2019