The content for this blog post is courtesy of Donald Ciesla – Workforce Solution Consultant for Manufacturing. Thanks, Donald, for your expertise!

6 Ways Kronos Helps Engage Employees in Manufacturing

More than 3,000 manufacturing organizations use Kronos to drive productivity and enable successful delivery of their products and services. And an even greater number of individual manufacturing employees interact with Kronos every day – in many cases, several times per day. These regular touch points put Kronos in a unique position to provide valuable insight into your most valuable asset, the people in your workforce.

Did you know that engaged employees are 22% more productive than non-engaged employees? Here are six quick and simple ways your Kronos solution can boost engagement, not just in manufacturing, but across other industry landscapes as well:

End of Shift Questions: InTouch and Mobile – Prompt your employees with questions at the end of shifts to gather information on how they feel about safety, work/life balance, paychecks, fair treatment, and other topics relevant to your business. Managers can then sort and view data on specific fields like hours worked, seniority, safety concerns, etc.

Employee Suggestions – On the flip side, it’s simple for employees to make recommendations for improvements using the tools they already interact with daily, like InTouch clocks and mobile devices.

Overtime Sign Up and Voluntary Leave – These lists automatically identify which employees can work overtime and generate information on who is willing to end a shift early on a slow day. The system will then automatically alert qualifying employees of overtime or early release opportunities they can secure.

Payroll – Some companies require a 24-hour resolution time frame for employee paycheck issues, but Kronos can do it quickly by automatically noting that an issue has been logged by an employee and then tracking the response time.

Scheduling – Work-life balance and shift accuracy are easily tracked through Kronos to ensure that employees are being offered the appropriate shifts and are not being overworked.

Safety Alerts – Whether it’s mechanical or personal, employees can report safety issues through Kronos. Alerts are received by a manager or designated safety contact and addressed appropriately.

When maximized to its full potential, your Kronos solution can be a great engagement tool. And when you make the effort to understand your employees – what they prefer, what they need, and how they feel – you create a positive workplace culture that promotes productivity, optimism, and retention.

Published: Thursday, November 30, 2017