Education is a key piece of your success, and Kronos Educational Services is here to help you get smart when it comes to your Workforce Dimensions solution! Their approach is blended and ensures that you receive the right training when you need it. From self-paced training, webinars, hands-on instructor led-training, change management, and adaptable user content, there’s something for everyone. You’ve got a great product in your hands and learning how to leverage it to the best of its ability will only make your experience better.


But before you learn more about your Workforce Dimensions solution, it’s helpful to understand what education resources are available and when to use them. We anticipate that new Workforce Dimensions customers might have the below six questions about their education opportunities. Take a look! 

6 Questions Answered About Workforce Dimensions Education

1. What is the difference between KnowledgeMap and KnowledgeMap Live?

The main difference between the two is that they are intended for different purposes. See below and the answers to questions 2 and 3!


2. When and why would I use KnowledgeMap?

Kronos KnowledgeMap is a learning portal geared toward the base-level training that folks who use Workforce Dimensions might need on a day-to-day basis. It includes tutorials, how-to guides, and job aids to help people in a variety of roles get the information they need on their own time.

TIP: Did you know that searching the Community for answers to your Workforce Dimensions questions could yield results including content and courses from our eLearning portals? Robust search capabilities connect the Kronos Community to Kronos KnowledgeMap so that it’s easy to find training when you need it. 


3. When and why would I use KnowledgeMap Live?

KnowledgeMap Live is next-level education that gives key individuals (such as functional and technical team members and your core project team) unlimited access to live demonstrations and hands-on training. Training is presented in guided learning paths and will help them prepare for deployment and provide ongoing support to end-users.

Although there is a ton to learn within our self-paced KnowledgeMap portal, your core project team and functional and technical team members will need a Live subscription to be fully prepared for the deployment and go-live efforts. A KnowledgeMap Live subscription adds live, instructor-led training to the self-paced learning options in guided learning paths for your core project team and provides tracking and reporting for all their training. After go-live, your functional and technical support teams will need KnowledgeMap Live training to further enhance their solution skills and ensure they are ready to support your organization with each new release.


4. What if I need help bringing the rest of my organization up to speed?

With a KnowledgeMap Live subscription, you also have access to the User Adoption Resource Center, a tool to help empower internal resources support your people through deploying Workforce Dimensions or a new module of the solution. Resources can include coaching tools, change management and training templates, and access to a Kronos User Adoption Consultant.

For more information reach out to your main Kronos contact or email [email protected].


5. Where can I access KnowledgeMap and KnowledgeMap Live?

Access KnowledgeMap by logging into the Kronos Community and navigating to the Workforce Dimensions Learn page. Selecting the orange “ENTER KNOWLEDGEMAP SITE” will take you to the page where you can select from several trainings for various roles. 

Learn Workforce Dimensions
Your Kronos project manager will gather the names of those who will be accessing KnowledgeMap Live. Once their accounts are set up, they receive a Welcome letter with steps on how to access KnowledgeMap Live and where to go to take a tour. Navigation is also possible through the KnowledgeMap portal. 

Kronos KnowledgeMap


6. How do I get a KnowledgeMap Live subscription if I don’t have one?

If you don’t have access to KnowledgeMap Live but would like to subscribe, reach out to your main Kronos contact or email [email protected] and the education team will connect you to the right resources. Check out a tour here!


For additional information about Educational Services, check out the Workforce Dimensions Learn page in the Kronos Community, or post a question in the Workforce Dimensions group to get a response from a Kronos expert or a customer peer!


Lyn BennetThe content for this article is provided by Senior Program Manager Lyn Bennett. Lyn manages the Kronos KnowledgeMap and KnowledgeMap Live eLearning sites for Workforce Dimensions customers and is an expert in developing and designing instructor-led eLearning courses.

Published: Thursday, October 3, 2019