So much content exists online…so much. There are millions upon millions of news outlets and blogs. This abundance of information can be an overwhelming experience – like going to a museum, for example. You can’t possibly stop to read the details at every exhibit, and deciding what you should pay attention to in the time you have is frustrating. Who’s with me?

5 must-read outlets for HR- and workplace-related insights

If you feel this way about all the workplace-related content out there, I’d like to help narrow down the choices by pulling a few great sources to the surface. Here’s a list of 5 content outlets I call must-reads for HR- and workplace-related insights:

  1. Workforce Institute – Led by Joyce Maroney, the Workforce Institute at Kronos Incorporated is a think tank focused on empowering organizations through education and research on a variety of workplace topics. I’m a huge fan of the Workforce Institute podcasts – check out The Workforce Institute Radio on iTunes.
  2. HR Bartender – Author Sharlyn Lauby offers great content in an informative but fun and casual tone. While HR Bartender is known as a human resources blog, it focuses broadly on topics that relate to the workplace as well.
  3. Recruiting Daily – Go to Recruiting Daily for the latest recruiting news and trends on hiring strategies, attracting and retaining talent, and more.
  4. TLNT – TLNT also offers news and trends but with a higher-level focus on key HR topics.
  5. HRDive – HRDive takes big stories and digests them into quick reads. They bring us the need-to-know details in 60-second snippets.

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Published: Tuesday, February 13, 2018