As an HR administrator, you are likely hiring employees and entering them into your Kronos Workforce Ready® solution on a weekly basis. But since Black Friday has passed and December is here, I’m also willing to bet that you’re working with a burst of seasonal hires.  

Did you know that you have additional functionality supporting the manual-hire process in both the desktop and mobile versions of the new Workforce Ready experience? These feature enhancements can greatly improve your hiring process when you’re so focused on acquiring your seasonal workforce, entering them into the system, and getting them ready to be trained.

Check out these five great enhancements for both mobile and desktop that were made available in a release this past summer!

  1. Add Employee Button Availability (Mobile and Desktop): If you’re hiring multiple people at once, this feature is key for maximum efficiency. The new add employee button is right at your fingertips, making it quicker to add large numbers of employees to the system. To see the button, make sure that you have first completed all the necessary fields and, of course, have added the employees into Workforce Ready.  
  2. Updating Employee Data in HR Actions (Mobile and Desktop): In the past, updating and filling in employee profiles via HR actions required the use of several screens. This process is easier now as it shows you only what you need to complete! Depending on your setup, you can add Leave of Absence, Attestation, and Succession profiles to the employee record using HR action, with more options coming in a future release.
  3. Manager Permissions and Access to Employee Information Page in Manual Hire (Mobile and Desktop): During the busy season, it’s important to have hiring managers involved in the hiring process. Managers who manually hire new employees into certain security groups are often not authorized to access those employee accounts due to group permission requirements. Temporary permission to hire the employees and input their information is granted in this scenario. However, when filling out employee information, the hiring manager cannot leave the page and then return to it. Getting back in would require access to the employee’s account in Employee Information, and the manager does not have permission for that. Now when managers attempt to leave the Employee Information page, they will receive a warning message stating that they will not be allowed to return to the page. If they leave the page after acknowledging the warning message, they will be redirected to the Employee Profile page rather than to the employee’s account in Employee Information.
  4. Termination Warning Added (Mobile): When manually terminating an employee in the new mobile user experience, a new warning message will pop up informing users that the termination date cannot be earlier than the hire date.
  5. Terminate Status (Mobile and Desktop): Lastly, when terminating an employee and setting the Account Status to Terminated, a system default setting for terminations, the only options available for selection in the drop-down will be the user-defined statuses you choose to configure as Terminated — such as no call, no show, performance, or demotion, for example. This allows you to control what is visible. Statuses are configured under Company Settings > Global Setup > Global List Definitions > Account Status Definitions.

5 Manual-Hire Enhancements for HR Admins in the New Workforce Ready User Experience

Looking for more release information? 

  • You can access the new hire functionality explained in this article under Team > My Team > Employee Information in your Workforce Ready solution. 
  • For 24/7 access to release notes and user guides for the classic user experience, log in to your account and go to Our Company > Download Documents > Service Provider Documents within the Workforce Ready solution. 
  • For 24/7 access to release notes and user guides for the new user experience, log in to your account and go to My Info > My Learning > Product Documentation within the Workforce Ready solution. 
  • Bookmark the Release Readiness page in Kronos Community for everything you need to learn about what’s new and what’s next. 

Other resources: 

  • Visit the Workforce Ready Announcements group in Kronos Community to stay up to date on published release notes and future release dates. 
  • Alert groups provide you with important notifications on critical system updates. Not sure of what alert group to join? Click here
  • To share ideas about new Workforce Ready features or enhancements and to vote on fellow users’ ideas, log in to Kronos Community and visit the IDEAS section.

Brad NyczThe content from this blog post is courtesy of Brad Nycz, customer success manager and former Kronos® customer. Brad identifies key features in recent releases and works with the Working Smarter Café to highlight them to you in our blogs. I hope you enjoyed this article about manual-hire enhancements! Please stay tuned for more relatable explanations about Workforce Ready features in action.   

Published: Tuesday, December 10, 2019