Is Workforce Dimensions on your mind? Are you considering migration? Or better yet, has leadership approached you about building a business case for Workforce Dimensions?


I know what you might be thinking, and it’s true. Migrating to a new solution is a big project. Most everyone is somewhat apprehensive about change, even if they don’t like to admit it. But Workforce Dimensions is well worth the effort, and we want to help you pitch the perfect migration case! That's why we created this white paper, Advance to the Future of Work: Four Tips for Building a Business Case for Migrating to Workforce Dimensions.

Download the paper for all the goods! And check out my highlevel overview of what you'll find.

Address The Technology Changes Happening In The Marketplace

There are three important technical factors for you to consider. Migrating to Workforce Dimensions might make a lot of sense for your organization given that the sun is setting on these technologies.

  • Goodbye, Flash: In 2017, Adobe announced that they will stop supporting Flash by the end of 2020. Why is this significant to you? Well, you’ll say goodbye to support for the Adobe Flash plugin and hello to HTML5. By removing Flash and switching to open standard web technologies, your solution will be faster and more secure, as well as work on any device. No more downloads or permissions needed to get you started.
  • The end of support for Microsoft SQL 2008/2008 R2 & Windows Server 2008/2008 R2: Microsoft will no longer be providing new features, fixes, or, more importantly, security updates. This could leave your organization unprotected and at risk of compromised security and compliance.
  • End of Engineering for Workforce Central 7.0: Kronos announced the end of engineering for Workforce Central 7.0 in December of 2018. Effective December 31, 2019, Workforce Central 7.0 will no longer receive feature updates, service packs, patches, or legislative updates. For more information, log into the Kronos Community and reference this article.

Highlight The Multiple Benefits Of Being Deployed On The Latest Solution

Migrating to Workforce Dimensions is the most clear-cut way to ensure your company is using the latest and greatest technology. To support Workforce Dimensions, Kronos created the D5 platform, which is hosted in the Google public cloud. This results in fewer disruptions for your organization and IT department when end-of-support announcements occur.

That’s not all. Another important note is that Workforce Dimensions is a multi-tenant software-as-a-solution (SaaS) solution, meaning your organization will automatically receive release content with new features and enhancements that you can enable at a time that’s right for you. With regularly scheduled maintenance patches and updates, your organization’s IT department and administrators will have more time to focus on other important areas of their jobs. Talk about a win for everyone!

4 Tips for Building Your Workforce Dimensions Migration Case

Discuss The Opportunities And Potential That Come With Modernizing

Migrating to Workforce Dimensions will present the opportunity to take a step back and look at your existing process and policies. Who knows, mistakes might have happened along the way and now is your chance to right the ship. Here are four improvement opportunities for your organization:  

  • Synchronize people, process, and technology: The people are your workforce, the processes are developed by your organization, and the technology is your Kronos solution. Migrating helps balance these components for an efficient and sustainable ecosystem.
  • Align technology with process to improve efficiency: Your organization is at risk for error when you rely on manual processes. So, leverage automation with Workforce Dimensions instead. The technology should handle the heavy lifting, not your people.
  • Use technology to support how your business operates: Take the opportunity to consider organizational structure. Let's say you added new features to your existing solution a while back. Did you also look at the way your solution is configured and make adjustments to support the add-ons? Migrating will give you the opportunity to fine tune the structure to your needs.
  • Identify areas of consolidation: Employing one solution offers maximum effectiveness with the least amount of change to achieve your organizational goals. In doing so, you can reduce or eliminate additional operational costs, technological processes, and resources. Plus, it will create a common and consistent experience for your managers and employees.

Mitigate Concerns That Migration Will Consume A Vast Amount Of Resources

Sure, migration is no small feat. It does take time, and it does take resources. But you can partner with Kronos to alleviate the burden. For example, Kronos Professional Services provides guidance and support on deployment, testing, and change management. Here are just a few quick highlights of the services offered:

  • Simplified deployment strategies: To get you started, Kronos experts assess your organization's readiness to migrate leveraging the Kronos Paragon deployment methodology. This approach helps you complete migration in a speedy fashion.  
  • Valuable testing: From here, they take you to the testing phase, a vital part of ensuring a successful migration. Kronos Paragon gets you started with test cases and test management software to support the migration process.
  • Change management support: Using Kronos KnowledgeMap, our self-paced learning and change management tool, your employees will quickly adapt to using Workforce Dimensions and will always have a source to reference for questions!
  • Vital integration services: With the Kronos Data Extraction Tool, you can share Workforce Dimensions data with other critical business systems. Bringing together workforce and other operational data, delivers expansive visibility into your enterprise and vital strategic insights that support improved business outcomes.

Phew! There you have it. These four tips should provide you with a solid foundation for building your migration case. And remember that Kronos is here for you every step of the way! It is time to smell the fresh air of new possibilities with Workforce Dimensions.


If you're looking for more detail to take with you or to share with others, download the white paper Advance to the Future of Work: Four Tips for Building a Business Case for Migrating to Workforce Dimensions.

Published: Tuesday, April 9, 2019