Getting the information you need as a Kronos® administrator can sometimes be easier said than done — regardless of which platform you support and manage. While it may seem as though work continues to stack up on your plate, I think we can all agree that having the right information readily available makes the work easier to tackle. So, whether you are a Kronos system newbie or a seasoned pro, you will want to keep these four key resources in your back pocket. 

4 Must-Haves for Kronos Administrators

1. Support Quick Reference Guide: The Support Quick Reference Guide is here to assist you on your Kronos journey. This guide will help you effectively navigate through Kronos Community as well as highlight need-to-know areas including how to search for content, where to ask questions, how to open a support case, and much more! Download and lean on this guide as a map for those days when you are feeling a little lost in Kronos Community. 

2. Survival Checklist for a New Kronos Administrator: Who doesn’t love a checklist? This one is intended to set you up for success as an administrator for your Kronos solution. It provides you with all the necessary resources to stay on track. Examples are information about maintenance communications, where to find training materials, and tips on how to connect with other users. Trust me when I say this is one item you will want to keep on your desktop. We anticipate you will reference it a lot more than you think. 

3. Community Discussion Groups: You don’t need to go it alone. While we all enjoy independence, there’s also joy in feeling a sense of camaraderie when you join a discussion group in Kronos Community. Engage with solution experts, connect with peers, and stay informed about events, programs, and other great stuff! Discussion groups are just as much about sharing as they are about asking questions and learning more. You know a great deal, and your knowledge benefits others when you participate in the discussion. You are not alone when you partner with Kronos. 

4. Mobile Resources: As you know, we live in a mobile world — everything is easily accessed at your fingertips, including the mobile app for your Kronos solution. Visit our mobile resources in Kronos Community to find helpful content and links to documentation, release notes, FAQs, and more. Don’t leave your end-users and employees in the dark. You can leverage the Engagement Toolkit to share mobile essentials, so your folks get what they need: QR codes, quick tutorials, and accurate URLs. 


Because you are an administrator for your Kronos solution, we recognize and appreciate your role in keeping things running as smoothly as possible. With any luck, these four must-haves will ensure that you don’t need any luck at all.  

Published: Wednesday, February 5, 2020