One of my biggest pet peeves is feeling lost about where to look or where to go when I need answers. If I have questions about a tool, product, or software I’m using, I want to know where I can get my information – quickly and efficiently. Doesn’t everybody?

3 Ways to Learn About the Kronos Community

That’s why customer communities are AWESOME. They are one-stop-shops where customers can leverage an engaged network of peers and interact with knowledgeable experts who know how to help. But what’s even better is online customer communities are so much more than just support. For example, the Kronos Community helps you make the most of your Kronos solution by providing the tools and resources you need to be successful independently. You can also share product ideas and network with other Kronos users – in addition to logging support cases and getting answers to user questions.

If you’ve been to the Kronos Community (or even if you haven’t) and are curious to know more, here are three ways to get your hands on additional information:

  1. Webinars – Tune into the below on-demand webinars to see what’s new and understand all the Community has to offer. *Note: Registration is required to access the recordings.

  2. SNAPSHOT videos – Visit the Kronos Community YouTube page for quick and easy how-to tutorials.

  3. KronosWorks! – Will you be there? Make sure to stop by and visit Kronos Community experts at the expo booth or attend the Ask the Kronos Community Experts Panel to hear tips and tricks from top contributing customers.

Published: Thursday, October 12, 2017