As we approach the winter season, calendars are jam-packed with events and holiday to-dos, but my fellow payroll professionals understand that year-end involves much more than the typical holiday stressors. Your year-end payroll process might be efficient and accurate, but chances are the experience is some version of:

  1. Complex 
  2. Frenzied
  3. And let’s not leave out draining

It’s the busiest time of the year for payroll — with tax changes, payroll corrections, data validations, and deadlines galore — but what if I told you about a way to stay on track and make closing out the year a little easier? Would that put a smile on your face amid the hustle and bustle?

The Kronos Payroll Services Resource Page

As you might expect, I have great news to share. This month, Kronos Payroll Services (KPS) has rolled out a page in the Kronos Community. The tools you’ll find on the page are meant to help guide you and keep you on track for a smooth quarter and year-end experience.

Visit the KPS page

Among the resources found on this exciting new page are the following:

  • Quarter-End & Year-End Dates: Important targets up next on Tuesday, December 31 (last day of 2019) and Monday, January 6 (year-end must be closed and signed off).
  • Training: KPS training includes year-end webinars, our mini training sessions, and administrator training. Registration is now open for the live KPS Quarter- & Year-End Review Session offered on Tuesday, December 10, and Thursday, December 12!
  • Year-End Guide: This guide will walk you through the steps to take for a successful year-end process.

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Go Green!

While we are on the topic of year-end, I also want to discuss electronic consent. On the page, you’ll find a flyer, email template, and job aid that you can use to educate your employees on providing electronic consent for their W2 forms. Our Electronic Consent Toolkit is located on the Kronos Payroll Services page in the Kronos Community and includes the following resources: 

  • Email template for you to brand and send to your employees
  • Flyer for you to brand and hang in highly populated employee areas
  • Employee Job Aid that outlines how to complete W2 electronic consent in your system

Benefits of Going Green

Why go green? Your paper process is working just fine, so why make the change? Educating and encouraging employees to give electronic consent will result in:

  • Easier and faster filing once W2s are ready.
  • Time and money saved! With the electronic form, you’ll save some trees and help your budget by not having to print each one. You’ll also add back time to your calendar since you won’t have to mail or hand out the forms to your employees. 
  • Easy access for employees to view their W2 forms online. 

Visit the Kronos Payroll Services page in the Kronos Community to get your hands on these year-end resources now!

Published: Wednesday, December 4, 2019