Three Reasons to Become a Kronos Insider Craving knowledge, seeking out best practices, and jumping at the chance to connect with like-minded peers. At Kronos, we call people who have these characteristics Insiders.

The Kronos Insiders program provides customers with the chance to acquire knowledge and share experiences – even influence the future when it comes to Kronos products and services.

If you are a customer who already knows that you want to be an official Kronos Insider, click here and sign up today! If you’re still fact-finding, read on for three reasons why you’ll want to join.

1.    Participate in exclusive opportunities to GET CONNECTED.

Becoming a Kronos Insider is a great outlet for connecting with other Kronos customers. For example, join Insider members for Customer Collabs – interactive discussions around Kronos best practices. You can join as a participant, or you can choose to lead the show yourself. Kronos organizes and facilitates these events, but Insider members drive conversation. And what better place to get connected than at KronosWorks? Your agenda has the potential to fill up fast with members-only hospitality events – think private receptions with Kronos executives, for example.

2.    Attend members-only events to GET SMARTER.

In addition to member-driven conversations and exclusive KronosWorks opportunities, gain insight directly from Kronos experts during Insider sessions. Topics range from workplace culture to tactical tips for making the most of the Kronos Community and your overall Kronos experience. You can also participate in feedback sessions to voice your own suggestions about Kronos products and services.

3.    Leverage opportunities to share your story and GET RECOGNIZED.

The Kronos Insiders team creates opportunities for you to share and amplify your story at KronosWorks, industry conferences, and more. You’re on their A-list for publications in industry trade journals, press releases, Kronos case studies, and Kronos webinars. Talking with existing or future Kronos customers and sharing your thought leadership and opinions on social review sites are just a few more ways Insiders can spread the love and engage as a member of the Insiders program.

This sounds awesome, right? Well, THERE’S MORE.

Kronos Insiders+

If you’re a Kronos fan and are willing to share your Kronos experience at least once a month, you’re eligible for Insiders+ status. The time you dedicate doesn’t go unnoticed! Earn points for Kronos engagements and put them toward any Kronos invoice, including your own KronosWorks registration fees!


Click here to join the Insiders program today! If you love Kronos, you’ll love being an Insider.


Published: Thursday, October 4, 2018