UKG continues to offer fun and exciting events to learn more about your solutions and engage with other like-minded people. Coming up next is the UKG Huddle next week on June 2, and Industry Insights follows shortly after on June 23. Don’t miss the chance to register and reserve your spot! 

We all know that networking and connecting with other attendees is different in a digital environment, but it’s still valuable. After attending a few virtual UKG events myself, I picked up a few networking tips. Here are a few things you can do to get noticed and put yourself out there to meet your peers.


Virtual Conference

  • A picture is worth a thousand words — Do not skip this step! When you log in for the first time, make sure you go directly to your profile and add a picture. Putting a face to the name is an easy way to make you stand out in the virtual crowd. You can even use a photo from your professional online profile so others will recognize you and find you more easily after the event.
  • Eye-catching headline — In your profile, you’ll also be asked in input a job title. But it’s not just a job title. Think of this as your personal headline. This is a perfect way to announce who you are and what you do. While my job title is customer success manager, I want to remind attendees viewing my profile that I am an advocate for a successful partnership with UKG. This title or headline will show up in your vCard. Which brings me to the next bullet.
  • Communication center – Do not forget that there is a communication center available. The center provides three types of private communication tools: messages, chats, and virtual business cards (vCards). You can search for attendees who are online and offline. Use the communication center to stay in touch and even reconnect after the event.
    • Use messages to send an email to someone directly from the event platform.
    • Use chats to send a private message to someone within the event platform. 
    • vCards are just like the business cards we collect when we meet in person, but they’re digital. Here is an example of my vCard from a recent event. Using these cards helps you network and formalize an introduction with others.Kristen
  • Visit the lounge — In between sessions, take advantage of and visit one of the lounges. This is a virtual space to engage with UKG experts and other guests. We encourage you to join the conversation. The UKG team helps facilitate discussions and responds when questions arise. This is a great way to see what others are talking about and learn more beyond the agenda.

I hope this will serve as a friendly reminder to invest a few minutes in getting yourself set up when you enter the Huddle next week and Industry Insights later in June. Find additional detail in the event guide as well. You’ll receive the guide via email, and it will also be available on the homepage of the event. 

I look forward to seeing you all there, engaging in real-time discussions, and collecting as many vCards as I can!

Published: Wednesday, May 26, 2021