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It was another crisp, sunny day when the Workforce Ready team issued Release 61. Users far and wide were thrilled to hear the news and were eagerly awaiting to see what Brad Nycz, customer success manager and former Kronos customer, would pick as the top features impacting Workforce Ready users and making their lives easier. Here's what they saw.

12 Day-In-The-Life Short Stories about Workforce Ready Feature Enhancements


1. Employee Information Updates to InTouch Clocks

Connor, a solution administrator, sits at his computer with Workforce Ready open on the screen. He’s just read about a new clock upgrade enhancement from another customer’s post in the Kronos Community. The enhancement will provide him with more control over what new information is pushed to the clock during update cycles. Before this Workforce Ready release, the clock was often unavailable for long stretches of time because a full set of updates would kick into gear if he initiated the “UPLOAD ALL SETTINGS” command … not ideal in a 24-hour hospital operation. But now, if he enables the Download Delta Data Each Update option and gives the same command, the clock will only add new hire employees and remove employees who no longer work there. Connor is pleased, but more importantly, the nurses on the night shift will be as well. Sometimes they have to wait for the clock to generate updates before they can clock in or out. This enhancement will give time back to the busy nurses. Every moment counts!

Who will find it useful: TLM Administrators

Where to learn more: TLM Release Notes for February


2. Adding Rates in Positions/Position Assignments and Updating Rate Tables

Natalie glances at the clock. It’s quarter to three and her daughter’s soccer game begins in 30 minutes. She promised Suzie she wouldn’t miss it. All Natalie has to do is finish adjusting pay rates for the employees at the YMCA who fulfill more than one role – a number of swim instructors also lifeguard and there is a dance instructor who teaches karate classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays. She needs to get this done today for payroll to be processed accurately. Natalie experiences a brief moment of panic before she remembers the new Workforce Ready capability that simplifies this process for her. She doesn’t have to update each individual record anymore. The rate table enhancement in Workforce Ready allows her to simply create a widget and assign the right attributes to the position. Titles, rates, and other important details are already set up, so all the correct information is attributed when the employees punch into their secondary positions. She quickly completes her task and is out the door in 10 minutes. She makes it to the field in time to give Suzie a smile and a thumbs up from the sidelines.    

Who will find it useful: HR Administrators

Where to learn more: HR Release Notes for February


3. Updating Direct Reports in Position Hierarchy Chart

Kristi and Jane sit side-by-side in the HR wing of the bank’s headquarters. Kristi has just joined as a new HR administrator, and Jane is showing her the ropes with Workforce Ready. Jane brings up the position hierarchy org chart to demonstrate how simple it is to make updates. She swiftly drags and drops an out-of-place name into the right spot in the org chart. And that’s all it takes! Kristi notes how much easier this is then it was at her old job. The spreadsheet format made it difficult to spot where updates needed to happen. She wouldn’t be overlooking outdated details as much with this clear visual of the org chart.

Who will find it useful: HR Administrators

Where to learn more: HR Release Notes for February


4. Editing Approve/Reject Workflow Step During Workflow Process

Jared, a department store manager, is reviewing timecards for his associates when he comes across an employee who worked a few shifts outside of her normal area. Lena typically works in the shoe department, which he manages, but she spent last week helping out in home goods. Tabitha, the home goods manager, should really be the one to approve Lena’s timecard. Jared performs a few simple clicks to route the request over to Tabitha for review.

Who will find it useful: Managers

Where to learn more: HR Release Notes for February


5. Repeat Feature for Availability and Preferences

Keira is a flexible nurse. She’ll work nights, days, three shifts on, three shifts off. The only preference she has about her schedule is getting Wednesdays off to attend her Spanish class at the university. She really needs to be present each week if she’s going to become fluent and communicate better with the children she cares for on her overseas medical mission trips. As Keira pokes around her schedule in the Workforce Ready mobile app, she notices that there is a new field in the schedule widget. It looks like the widget is allowing her to set availability preferences. This is awesome. She labels Wednesdays as a preferred day off and repeats the preference in the schedule for the remainder of her Spanish course.

Who will find it useful: Employees

Where to learn more: Scheduler Release Notes for February


6. Display Time Off Automatically in Scheduler Day View

Patty, the manager at a local grocery store, is working on the schedule for next week’s pay period. She’s proceeding carefully to avoid any errors. A few weeks ago, the store ended up short one cashier because she accidentally scheduled an employee to work while he was on vacation. The mistake had somehow gone unnoticed by everyone. Scanning over the schedule, Patty’s eyes are drawn to something on the screen. She takes a closer look and is pleased to realize that approved employee time off is now visible right here in the schedule. That’s so nice! She thinks. It gives her a much clearer picture of who is available to fill the open shifts.

Who will find it useful: Scheduling Managers

Where to learn more: Scheduler Release Notes for February


7. Email Reports to an Employee Group As Recipients

Oliver is thrilled about a new email reporting feature that was just added to Workforce Ready. It will make communicating key information to plant managers so much more efficient. He could always generate and send reports from the solution in the past, but it involved entering each person’s email address individually. Now, it’s even easier. He can simply open up the saved plant manager distribution list that he created and use it each time he needs to send reports out to that particular group. Such a time saver.

Who will find it useful: Reporting Administrators

Where to learn more: Cross Product Release Notes for February


8. Use Primary Position Start Date as Job Last Changed Date

Kelly has an extra pep in her step today. She’s just discovered a great new feature in Workforce Ready, and her good mood is a result. In short, the way that the Job Last Changed Date field works in Workforce Ready has changed, and this one enhancement alone will contribute to greater accuracy in her reporting and employee records. It’s just in time too. A few museum associates were promoted to team leaders this week. Previously, changing these employees from their default position (associate) to team leader status in HR Actions would change the Job Last Changed Date field – it would pull in the date that Kelly made the change in the system. Since Kelly made the changes in the system this morning, the Job Last Changed Date field would have been populated with today’s date even though the employees don’t assume their new positions as team leaders until Monday. Thanks to the latest release, this doesn’t happen anymore. Kelly can enter the actual start date that the employees become team leaders into the Job Last Changed Date field. As an administrator, this is what makes Kelly smile. It’s the simple things in life.  

Who will find it useful: HR Administrators

Where to learn more: HR Release Notes for February


9. Approvals from External Reports

Fiona, a staffing manager at a home care agency, grins when she sees a new email pop up in her inbox. It’s her new favorite notice. Workforce Ready now sends the staffing company’s managers a notification containing a link to a report from which they can approve or reject time entries. Clicking on the secure link opens a report, and from there, Fiona can approve or reject employees’ timecards. She doesn’t have to log in to Workforce Ready or enter any authentication code to give her approval. This brings approving and rejecting timecards to a whole new level.

Who will find it useful: Outside Agencies

Where to learn more: TLM Release Notes for February


10. Employee Self Service (Smart View) Timeout Threshold

Anna is scanning through the Workforce Ready TLM release notes when a particular enhancement catches her eye. The timeout threshold for ESS functions on InTouch clocks is now configurable, she reads. That will be extremely beneficial for her to take advantage of. A few requests have come through from hourly employees at the call center commenting on the time-out frequency of the clock self-service screens. They think it’s too short. Now, she’ll be able to extend the timeout period to a length that works best for the employees – between the threshold max (180 seconds) and min (30 seconds). She stars the note in her notebook as a priority item.

Who will find it useful: TLM Administrator

Where to learn more: TLM Release Notes for February


11. Date Submitted Field on Custom Forms

It’s Fred’s second day in his new position as a front of the house manager at an upscale steakhouse. He’s completing his onboarding tasks, one of which is to complete the IT custom forms that will enable the software and network access to Workforce Ready that he needs to do his job. The forms are already populated with today’s date, which makes things easy for him. He completes the forms to have his network username and password created and presses save.

Laura, the restaurant group’s HR manager, sees that Fred has completed his forms, and on time too. New hires are required to complete their software and network custom forms by the end of their first week. It’s great that Workforce Ready now populates the custom forms with the correct date and provides a timestamp. Employees can’t edit the dates later, which comes in handy for auditing purposes. Laura reviews and selects the required software and network access Fred will need to effectively manager his team.  

Who will find it useful: Employees and Managers

Where to learn more: HR Release Notes for February


12. Deduction Wizard

Beth sits in her office at the hotel with the Workforce Ready deduction wizard open on her screen. She’s adding in a new healthcare benefit plan for hotel employees – her last task of the day. She reaches the step in the process when she needs to add the new benefits vendor. Ugh, her hand meets her forehead. She forgot to add the vendor prior to starting the wizard. Just before she’s about to close out, Beth notices the “Add New Vendor” link. Can she do it here without starting the process over again? She can! What a relief. Beth adds the new vendor and uploads all the documentation necessary into the wizard.

Who will find it useful: Payroll Administrators

Where to learn more: Payroll Release Notes for February



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The content from this blog post is courtesy of Brad Nycz, customer success manager and former Kronos customer. Each Workforce Ready release, Brad shares his top picked features, and we translate them into story form. Hope you enjoyed the best of Release 61! And stay tuned for more real-life, relatable examples about Workforce Ready features in action!  

The end.

Published: Monday, March 18, 2019