Breaking news! Brad Nycz, Workforce Ready customer success manager and former Kronos customer, is at it again. Check out the short story scenarios detailing the 10 enhancements he’s selected to highlight for release 62.

WFR Release 62

1.    Holiday Eligibility for Employees with Irregular Schedules (Classic UI & New UI)

Oliver sinks down in his chair to create the next two-week schedule for the department store. He loves his job, but things get tricky with scheduling and pay during the holidays. Determining if an employee is eligible for holiday pay is based on a Monday through Friday schedule in Workforce Ready, but so many of his employees have irregular schedules that don’t line up with the typical work week. But wait a minute! Oliver perks up. There’s a new option in the system. He can now select to ignore unscheduled days which will tell Workforce Ready not to assume that the employee works Monday through Friday. Pay rules can now flex with changing schedules. It feels like Christmas in July!

Who will find it useful: Managers
Where to learn more: TLM Release Notes for April


2.    Viewing Time for Cost Center Managers (Classic UI & New UI)

Carla has several nurses reporting to her in Emergency who also work shifts in other departments. For example, Suzie and Rick will sometimes lend a hand in the Burn Center when extra help is needed. This doesn’t bother Carla. She’s happy to share her team’s expertise with other areas, but what does get on her nerves is that she doesn’t have visibility into the time that her employees spend working in those areas because she can only access reporting for people who work in her own cost center – until now! With release 62, Carla can see information about the employees that report to her regardless of the department or cost center their hours are logged in. More good news is that she’ll see only details about the employees relevant to her on the reports. She won’t see information about employees who are not on her team. This feature enhancement makes it so much easier for Carla to keep track of her employees’ time and ensure they aren’t overworked or underutilized. 

Who will find it useful: Managers
Where to learn more: TLM Release Notes for April


3.    New Report for Benefit Questionnaire Answers (Classic UI & New UI)

Jacob is an HR admin at a large tech company. A dog owner himself, he understands the love people have for their furry friends and the importance of keeping them protected. Jacob decided to include a questionnaire about pet insurance during open enrollment and pulled a report of employee responses using the new benefit questionnaires reporting capability. Now he’s got the proof he needs to present to the HR team and make the case for the organization to offer pet insurance! He anticipates they’ll roll it out in the next 8 months, or less. 

Who will find it useful: Benefits & HR Admins
Where to learn more: HR Release Notes for April


4.    Re-Verify Option Added to I9 Forms (Classic UI)

Tikka sits at her desk with a wide smile because she’s just learned how to automatically re-verify employees in Workforce Ready. It’s as easy as clicking a button. When an employee’s driver’s license expires, or the department store is hiring back yearly seasonal workers, neither the employee nor Tikka has to deal with submitting new paperwork if there’s already an existing I9 form. Tikka can simply select the option to re-verify the employee in Workforce Ready, and they’re good to go. All she needs them to do is show their updated identification. No time wasted on unnecessary paperwork! Simple. 

Who will find it useful: Payroll & HR Admins
Where to learn more: HR and Payroll Release Notes for April


5.    Columns Added to HR Incidents Report Page (Classic UI & New UI)

Nile has worked at the textile mill for over 5 years now. Sadly, the day has come for him to address a serious safety incident. A mill worker regretfully neglected to remove one of his rings, and it was caught in a machine. Accidents happen, but Nile is determined to do everything in his power to minimize the likelihood of a similar event occurring in the future. He’s planning to deliver additional safety training to employees and put up safety signage in the break rooms to reinforce the importance of following protocol to remove all jewelry. He’ll be able to document his plan for corrective action in Workforce Ready with the new columns added to the HR incidents report page. Now, he can track the incident follow up and resolutions in addition to tracking that the incident occurred. 

Who will find it useful: HR Business Partners
Where to learn more: HR Release Notes for April


6.    Multi-Employer Identification Number (EIN) Filter (Classic & New UI)

Ciara glances at the clock. If she doesn’t leave the office within the next 20 minutes, she’ll be late for her daughter’s hockey game. All she needs to do before heading out is pull the corporate turnover rates report for tomorrow’s all-hands meeting with the HR leadership team. Thank goodness this takes half the time it used to. The software company she works for acquired several smaller firms over the past couple of years, which complicated the turnover report. Ciara’s previous process involved pulling separate reports for each acquisition with a different tax ID and merging them together. It’s so efficient to simply select the multi EIN checkbox and run one, consolidated report across the entire organization. Ciara runs the turnover report, sends it off to the team, and silently thanks Workforce Ready for making her life easier as she pulls on her coat.

Who will find it useful: HR Admins
Where to learn more: HR Release Notes for April


7.    Data Retention Functionality in Multi-EIN Companies (Classic UI)

Eve is the HR manager at a global candy company. With recent General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance concerns, she needed to revisit the business’s data retention process. What fun! She sighs. At least, release 62 of Workforce Ready will help her address this. She can set parameters around how long they should keep information and when it should be purged via the checkbox in Available, Functionality, Mass Edit, or the Company Information import. This will make it much easier to remain GDPR compliant across the various global divisions in the future. 

Who will find it useful: HR Admins, Payroll Admins
Where to learn more: Cross-Product Release Notes for April


8.    Adding rates to new Non-Primary Assignment (Classic UI & New UI)

Charlie is excited to try out a new position management approach in Workforce Ready. Donna who works in HR at the YMCA mentioned it to him when she popped by the pool to pick up her daughter from swim class. Each of Charlie’s swim instructors has a primary role, but they all fill non-primary assignments as well. These non-primary positions – whether it’s lifeguarding, teaching private classes, or leading group sessions – come with different hourly rates. The HR team has taken care of editing the rates in the past, but Charlie is now able to take care of it on the front end and apply the appropriate non-primary rate when he’s creating his schedule. This allows him to play a more hands-on part in ensuring his instructors receive the right pay for the right job.  

Who will find it useful: HR Admins, Scheduling Operations
Where to learn more: HR Release Notes for April


9.    User Authentication Settings (Classic UI & New UI)

Penny is so excited that her company moved to a cloud-based workforce management solution. With Workforce Ready, she can perform payroll from anywhere. That being said, this also poses certain security risks. What if she misplaces her tablet? It’s important that only people who are authorized to access payroll can view the data. So, it’s the policy that all payroll employees use the Google Authenticator app. Penny has checked off the Require Google Authentication option on the Company Information page in Workforce Ready. This requires all users to complete a two-step authentication process to access payroll – 1) enter their password, and 2) enter their verification code. It’s a win-win for everyone. Penny can process payroll from the beach, and the company’s private data is held to the appropriate standards.  

Who will find it useful: Admins, IT
Where to learn more: Cross-Product Release Notes for April


10.    Breadcrumbs are back!! (Desktop New UI)

Jack loves breadcrumbs. Who doesn’t? His company has just moved to the new Workforce Ready user experience and having breadcrumb details available in the menu navigation is the icing on top of an already delicious cake. It’s so nice to be able to hover over the page title with the mouse and see the navigation path pop up. Now, he always knows where he is and can easily communicate instructions to others when talking about the different pages within the product. 

Who will find it useful: All
Where to learn more: New UI Release Notes for April


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The content from this blog post is courtesy of Brad Nycz, customer success manager and former Kronos customer. Brad identifies key features in recent releases, and we translate them into story form. Hope you enjoyed this article on release 62! Please stay tuned for more real-life, relatable examples about Workforce Ready features in action.  

Published: Tuesday, June 18, 2019