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Two heads are better than one: The BerganKDV merger

Kronos® Workforce Ready partner and CPA firm Kern DeWenter Viere (KDV) based out of Minnesota, joined forces with Iowa-based counterpart Bergan Paulson, forming BerganKDV Outsourced Services after recognizing the value in merging both companies to extend their offerings and expand their presence in the Midwestern market.

Earl Edeburn, Partner in Charge of Outsourced Services for BerganKDV provided a background for the two companies. “Both firms were growth-oriented and included additional services in addition to the traditional payroll offering that complimented each other well,” he said.

The unification process between the two service providers took roughly 18 months to complete, with an official merger date of July 1, 2015. As a single powerhouse, BerganKDV has been able to double their presence with a total of 7 locations throughout both Minnesota and Iowa and a combined employee count of about 300.

BerganKDV’s Marketing Director attributed their success to both companies’ aligned cultures. “It helped us look at growth as an experience to help our clients rather than just cross-selling combined services.”

Workforce Ready partner KDV merges with Bergan Paulson.

With the help of the Kronos Workforce Ready platform, they’ve been able to increase their target market size as well. Lee Roberts, Sales and Business Development Manager at BerganKDV said, “On our old legacy system, we were closing deals with clients in the 20 to 30 employee range. Now we’ve been able to go after businesses in the 50+ employee range.”

As they’ve increased both the number and size of clients, BerganKDV has launched a new project status tracking tool in order to streamline their clients’ implementation process. Lee mentioned that, like most partners, the issue they were facing wasn’t that they couldn’t sell the Workforce Ready product, but that they were unable to onboard their clients fast enough and were experiencing a high level of backlog.

Since rolling out the cloud project app for new client implementations, BerganKDV has reduced their backlog to a quarter of its original size. With the tool, clients are provided a full view of the implementation process from start to finish, using KPI measurements to keep them on track and holding both parties accountable for assigned tasks. Lee stated, “I think this tool is something every partner could use to create more effective staff and decreased client attrition.” Stay tuned for future updates as BerganKDV continues to blaze new trails in streamlining the implementation process.

Published: Wednesday, May 23, 2018