At Kronos, we’re always looking for new ways to support our partners and help them succeed in a competitive market. That’s what makes us stand out from a lot of other technology vendors in the industry today. We know providing cutting edge technology to our Workforce Ready partner community is imperative and that combining additional benefits like sales and marketing support and unlimited training will only enhance their success as they look to expand business opportunities.     

A question worth asking yourself is “When’s the last time your workforce management vendor helped you grow made a measurable impact on the growth of your business?” Odds are, if you had to take time to think about it, they probably haven’t. A real game changer for other service providers and Reason 4 of the Top 10 Reasons to Join the Kronos Workforce Ready Partner Network is:

Partners receive free qualified sales leads with a Kronos partnership.

You'll close more business by benefiting from free, qualified sales leads generated by our multimillion-dollar marketing programs.

In our ongoing blog series, we’ve already discussed significant investments Kronos makes in technology. To take things a step further, we also invest in our partner community, helping to actively grow their businesses through enhanced sales support. This is just another way we show our commitment to the partner channel. Our Sales Enablement Program provides a steady stream of valuable leads that are generated from large-scale Kronos-run marketing campaigns, qualified and screened by a dedicated team of Lead Development Representatives, and then funneled directly to our partners’ sales pipelines. The result? Low hanging fruit opportunities for our partners to increase revenue and become bigger players in their markets.

Partners can’t say enough about the added benefit of free, qualified sales leads to their pipeline. In a single quarter alone, partners closed over $540,000 in annual recurring revenue. And in total, the program has generated over $5 million since its inception in 2012. Partner and Top 100 Accounting Firm BerganKDV commented, “We closed five deals from Kronos in the past six weeks that totaled over $60,000 in annual revenue. We’re truly thankful for their referrals.” Another partner, BeyondPay stated, “We are the number one proponent of the Sales Enablement Program. It’s been a tremendous source of new business for us and has made us a better company.”

If partnership perks like these aren’t offered by your current technology vendor, it may be time for you to go back to the drawing board and explore your options. As a service provider, it’s important you leverage the most out of your technology partnership. Powerful technology is a huge selling point but with so much more to offer, why not go for a technology partnership that offers it all?

Published: Friday, September 14, 2018