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Payroll Link expands to full-suite Kronos partnership


Payroll Link, a payroll service bureau based in Southern California, originally joined the Workforce Ready Partner Network as a timekeeping-only licensee. Although it additionally provided payroll and HR solutions, these were outdated, disparate modules that didn’t match the quality of the Kronos® timekeeping product. As Payroll Link’s top customers became frustrated with these disjointed solutions, Payroll Link knew it needed to provide a seamless, unified HCM platform to compete in the marketplace and retain its client base.


What Payroll Link needed was a technology partner that could:

  • Provide a high-powered, single database platform for time and labor management, HR, and payroll

  • Support its entire business with a dedicated Partner Success Manager and extensive sales and marketing resources

  • Give it the flexibility to increase its target market and create stickier client relationships with a full-suite offering

  • Ensure that it could continue to offer a market-leading product by making significant annual investments in research and development

“By expanding to license the full-suite Kronos Workforce Ready platform, I was able to save all of my top-level clients, who I would have lost had I continued offering a disjointed set of workforce management solutions. It was the best decision I made.”

Mike Demerjian


Through the Kronos Workforce Ready® Partner Network’s private-label model, Payroll Link is able to provide a robust human capital management cloud solution on one unified platform to employers across all industries to help them better manage labor costs, improve workforce productivity, increase employee engagement, minimize compliance risk, and make informed business decisions.


Since Payroll Link expanded its Kronos offering from only timekeeping to the full-suite Workforce Ready solution, it has experienced significant gains in both revenue and client satisfaction levels. With the backing of the full-suite Kronos solution, Payroll Link can now confidently compete head-to-head in the market by winning more deals with larger companies. With the power of the Kronos full-suite solution, Payroll Link has increased revenue by 30 percent within the first year, boosting the average value of a deal from $2,500 to $11,000. And its client retention levels have never been higher, soaring to an astounding 99 percent from the prior year.



growth in sales
over the last 3 years


since offering Workforce Ready
Published: Thursday, June 28, 2018