As a cloud-based HCM solution, Kronos Workforce Ready® provides a lot of benefits to our partners and their clients – platform flexibility, automatic updates, 24/7 access anywhere, increased security, and more. But if you’re located in a place like California, operating in the cloud could be the only factor standing between your business’s success and potential failure. That reality was never clearer for Workforce Ready partner Innovative Business Solutions (IBS) who were in the path of the destructive wildfires sweeping across Northern California this past October.

IBS Cofounders Bob Reynolds and David Tieken started the payroll service bureau in 1991 in response to their experiences working with large-scale national payroll providers. Seeing an opportunity to offer local, more personalized services to businesses in the Santa Rosa area, they began on a server-based system before transitioning to the Workforce Ready SaaS product 6 years ago.

When the spread of large-scale wildfires threatened their community in October, the IBS team was comforted knowing that a sizeable portion of their clients were already in the cloud. Bob Reynolds stated, “Had we been solely dependent on a local server-based platform, the loss of our facility would have been a near fatal blow to our business, a distinct reality this past October. Since we are now in the cloud with Kronos, we had that resiliency that even if our office was consumed, we could still service our clients as long as we found another location with internet access.”

Workforce Ready partner IBS takes CA wildfires head on with Workforce Ready.

Because IBS was both local and cloud-based, it made them accessible to clients who were displaced, disabled, or whose businesses had completely burned down. The day after the fires swept through the area, the IBS team contacted nearby clients by phone, inviting them to come in and process their payroll if they needed. “Many of our clients had to come to our office to process their payroll during the wildfires. The parade of people coming into our office with timesheets and employment records in-hand to input their payroll was pretty remarkable,” said Bob.

With the threat of wildfires over for the time being, there has been a real sense of urgency for IBS to get the remainder of their server-based clients over to the Workforce Ready platform. Even clients who were hesitant to make the transition have now been increasingly motivated to go cloud-based after the disaster struck. Bob commented, “In retrospect, we now realize that a cloud-based system is the only way to go moving forward.” Now Bob and his team are plugging away at conversions as quickly as they can and are hoping that by next year, they will have successfully deployed their entire client base to the Workforce Ready platform.

Published: Thursday, May 10, 2018