For our next series of blog posts, I thought I’d visit our “Top 10 Reasons to Join the Kronos Workforce Ready Partner Network” infographic to take a deeper look at why our partners choose us as their human capital management (HCM) vendor.

As a service provider, you know all too well that not all workforce management software vendors are created equal. Besides price, the software product itself is always a top consideration when choosing the right HCM solution to offer your clients. Any service provider worth their weight in salt knows that level of functionality, system flexibility (the ability for the solution to scale to your clients’ needs), UI/UX design, etc. should be closely researched and compared during the discovery phase of the buying process.  

But finding the right software vendor is really a two-fold process. Because even though you’re searching for that perfect solution, the software is only as good as the partnership you have with your vendor. Other considerations such as training, implementation, marketing and sales support, level of community, growth potential, product investment, and more should also be heavily vetted. No wonder why a service provider’s decision-making process can often take months – there’s a lot of homework involved!

At Kronos, we try to make it easy for service providers to see the value in our reseller partnership and to make their decision process as smooth as possible. That brings me to Reason #1 of why our partners choose us:

The Kronos Workforce Ready platform receives more technology investment than any other product.

Top 10 reasons Workforce Ready partners choose Kronos

In fact, Workforce Ready partners receive the benefit of an HCM platform that’s backed by 3 architects, 25 product managers, and over 225 engineers (and rapidly growing!) who are dedicated to developing, testing, and enhancing the product. Another tell-tale sign of Kronos’ commitment to the Workforce Ready platform and our partner network is the $500 million invested in research and development alone within the past 5 years. You’d be hard pressed to find that level of commitment and dedication to a platform from other software vendors in the industry.

You know the old saying “Actions speak louder than words.” Here at Kronos, we let our new product developments speak for themselves. Late last year, Kronos released an all-new Workforce Ready mobile app that served as the first step of the broader new UI rollout that will take place later this year in a phased approach. The new UI will feature a fully responsive architecture that delivers a unified experience across any device, usability improvements to accomplish tasks in as few steps as possible, and a fresh, new consumer-grade visual design that will have our partners winning over their prospects and customers.

When you join the Workforce Ready Partner Network, you’re making a statement. You’re a service provider who wants to be part of something bigger. By partnering with Kronos, you’re joining a community that’s on the cutting-edge of the HCM technology trend.

Stay tuned next week as we continue our series.

Published: Thursday, August 23, 2018