Workforce Ready Partner Insider

How Kronos partner Mosaic HCM builds a team that delivers with excellence

As a Kronos® Workforce Ready partner, you know that the Workforce Ready platform is more robust (and consequently complex) than other platforms. The platform has the capabilities that employers are looking for and you need to have a team who can deliver those capabilities for your clients. Mosaic HCM has found that having the right people with the right background and skillset is critical to delivering a great client experience.

Here’s how Mosaic identifies, trains, and retains great people:

Decide what kind of people you want to hire

  • Define your company values and make sure that candidates share your values. Use assessment tools to understand who your candidates really are. Go the extra mile to explain to your candidates who YOU are so that the candidate can envision working with you and perhaps realize that they are not a good fit for your company.

  • Look for the right experience. For example, if you are hiring for an implementation position, look for people with experience with at least three different platforms. Mosaic finds that the more systems a candidate has experience with, the quicker they can train them to be productive.

  • Look for the right minds. Mosaic believes that analytical thinking skills are important for all of their positions and they test candidates to assess them in that area.

  • It should be hard to get a job working at your firm. You deliver a great service in a highly competitive environment. It is important to set those expectations when interviewing candidates.

Consider engaging a recruiting firm

  • Mosaic often finds that the candidates they most want to hire already have a job and that many did not know they were looking for a job until they contacted them. Mosaic is in a hot market for the people they want to hire, so they have to go the extra mile to identify and recruit great people.

  • Mosaic’s existing team is highly skilled at doing what they do. One thing they are not is a professional recruiting service, so they have searched carefully for the right recruiting firm to help with their recruiting efforts. Make sure your recruiter knows what kind of person you are looking for and spend the extra time to create a detailed job description so the recruiter can use their skills to identify the right candidates for the job. Make sure the recruiter uses the right assessment tools to confirm that you are seeing the right candidates.

  • Recruiters get paid for the work they do, so hiring a service is an investment. Like all investments, this one should deliver return on investment for your company. Mosaic’s upside is that their leaders can concentrate on running and growing their business without worrying about where their next source of talent will come from.

Workforce Ready partner Mosaic HCM gives best practices for building a team.

Train your new employees so they can do their job well

  • Mosaic is not big enough (yet!) to have a dedicated training team, so they have to train in a hands-on environment while they serve their clients.

  • Mosaic has all new hires shadow a seasoned employee during their initial training. Then they change seats and have the new employee answer customer calls and navigate the software on their own. This training approach takes four to six weeks to create a base level of proficiency with the software.

  • Mosaic encourages all their payroll specialists and payroll implementation team members to pursue their CPP if they are not already certified. They facilitate study sessions and have their training curriculum approved by the APA for continuing education credits.

  • Mosaic holds weekly training meetings during a lunch hour to train specific content and new software functionality. Including buying the team lunch and paying them to attend the meeting.

Great place to work

All of the work Mosaic does to identify, develop, and enable the team makes their employees the single biggest investment. They continually strive to be a great place to work to drive retention. They provision their team as completely as they can:  dual monitors and business cards for all team members, competitive group and retirement benefits, locating their office in a secure neighborhood so the team feels safe going to their cars in the dark of winter.

In the end, Mosaic’s shareholders get rewarded only when they’ve done all of the above with excellence. Profits and growth start with a delighted workforce. Make sure you’re creating an inviting and engaging environment at your organization to retain great people and share in the results!

Published: Monday, April 30, 2018