Workforce Ready Partner Insider

Going after the big guys with the Kronos Workforce Ready solution

Kronos® Workforce Ready partner Fuse Workforce Management, based out of Delray Beach, FL, has become a big player in the HCM game with their unique approach for targeting larger clients than the traditional service provider. John Duval, CEO of Fuse Workforce Management, describes his company’s business model in relation to other service providers in his area as “rare”.

Since transitioning to the Workforce Ready platform from an older system, John has been able to completely transform his business with the ability to acquire much larger and more diverse clients than in the past. “We’re no longer just a payroll service business anymore, we’re a workforce technology provider,” he commented.

With the recent evolvement of the company, Fuse Workforce Management specifically targets businesses with 50 employees or more looking for a full suite solution. John mentioned that they’re particularly busy working with prospects in the ‘100 employee and over’ category.

Workforce Ready partner Fuse Workforce Management targets larger clients.

To streamline processes as they’ve taken on larger and more complex clients, Fuse has developed a unique training and education strategy both during and after their clients’ implementation process. John explained that his team provides one-on-one trainings and educational webinars to clients, which has directly resulted in decreasing the number of support tickets they receive. “Proactively working with clients to familiarize them with the platform provides them with greater independence and less hand-holding,” John said. This prevents the Fuse Workforce team from being spread too thin and allows them to provide better customer service and support, allowing Fuse to go further up market and driving happy and engaged clients.

John mentioned that since focusing on a larger-employee target market, business has been booming. We’re happy to see Fuse Workforce Management lead by example for those partners looking to tackle the big guys.

Published: Thursday, June 21, 2018