Workforce Benefit Solutions is a modern benefits broker and Baton Rouge-based Kronos® Workforce Ready partner offering employee benefits, compliance services, and a full suite of HCM solutions to their clients. After seeing an opportunity to go beyond the traditional benefits broker business model of outsourcing HR, payroll, and time and labor services, they decided to expand their organization into the HCM industry.

Managing Partner Michael Adams commented, "We were getting more and more handcuffed around what we could do on the benefits broker side with things like ACA, so we had to have fresh ideas and come up with new solutions to offer clients." Through a Kronos partnership, Workforce Benefit Solutions realized the potential to maximize revenue, control all business processes, and keep ahead of changing market demands, especially in the benefits broker industry.

Workforce Benefit Solutions knew that if they wanted to expand their current offering to include HCM, they would need a technology partner and solution that could:

  • Enable them to provide a full HCM service to their clients, so customers wouldn’t need to go elsewhere for their HR, payroll, and timekeeping needs
  • Create customized, benefits admin-specific reports anytime, anywhere including monthly, end-of-year, and deduction-type reports
  • Respond quickly to and be receptive of system modifications based off of their clients’ benefits needs
  • Help them stay nimble in a changing market by providing additional services they can offer to new clients and upsell to existing ones
Benefits broker Workforce Benefit Solutions uses Workforce Ready.
Within an increasingly commoditized benefit broker industry, Workforce Benefit Solutions is armed to take on a changing marketplace with the full suite Workforce Ready solution. An all-in-one solution for benefits, payroll, HR, and timekeeping means they no longer have to worry about messy integrations with other platforms. As a one-stop provider for all of their clients’ HCM and benefits needs, they’ve experienced far less turnover and have created stronger and more substantial relationships with their customer base.

Managing Partner Ryan Williams stated, “By offering Workforce Ready, we’ve discovered that we’re closing larger deals and bringing in significantly more revenue that we would have otherwise missed out on had we only provided benefit services to our clients.” In addition, working off a single, sleek and user-friendly UI has delighted clients and staff and has simplified system navigation and support. Workforce Benefit Solutions is excited to include Workforce Ready in their arsenal of services, experiencing around an 80% close ratio and an increase in revenue during slow times of the year in the benefits sales season.
Published: Thursday, June 7, 2018