Workforce Ready Partner Insider

Free leads = Happy Workforce Ready partners

Congratulations to our Kronos® Workforce Ready partners participating in the Kronos Sales Enablement Program. This is a program that sends free Kronos qualified leads to partners across North America who offer their expertise along with the Workforce Ready solution suite to solve their clients’ HCM challenges.

This past fiscal year, partners won an exceptional number of deals generated from the program. During FY 2017 alone, partners reported closing a total of over $880,000 in annual recurring revenue, the program’s most successful year to date!

Unlike other HCM technology partnerships, Kronos is the only vendor to offer a steady source of free qualified leads to its partner channel. This is just one of the many unique benefits of the Kronos partnership.

Workforce Ready partners receive free leads from Kronos

It goes without saying that our partners have been elated with the recent Kronos deals they have closed. Earl Edeburn from partner BerganKDV stated, “We closed five deals from Kronos in the past six weeks, which totaled over $60,000 in annual revenue for BerganKDV. We’re truly thankful for these referrals.” We received additional positive feedback from partners including Rick Brown from BeyondPay, “I am the number one proponent of the leads program. It has been a tremendous source of new business for us and has made us a better company.”

As our Sales Enablement Program continues to grow, so does our partners’ book of business. We were thrilled to watch the program take off this past year and expect even greater numbers to report for next. A special thank you to all those who have helped make this program successful, and especially to those on the Kronos Demand Generation team.

Published: Thursday, April 26, 2018