With the new year just around the corner, I’m sure everyone’s scrambling with closing out year-end HR and payroll processes to make sure all those tax filings, ACA reports, performance reviews, and other activities go off without a hitch. It’s especially hard to pull yourself out of the daily grind with so many tasks to accomplish, but it’s really important to find a little time to take a step back. Why? Because when you’re in the thick of year-end, you’re thinking about all the pieces that make your HCM strategy tick and experiencing how it all comes together firsthand – for better or worse.

This year, our version of taking a step back is looking at the many different HR and payroll resources we’ve got out there on the web to see which ones have really resonated with people. Our hope is by looking back in this way, we can help you move forward into 2020 armed with the best knowledge available from 2019.

I’ve picked out 6 of our top HR and payroll resources from 2019 to show you, and I hope that like the people who pushed these to the top of our downloads list you’ll get some valuable insights from them that will set you up for success. Let’s take a look:

1. The HCM Buyer's Toolkit

HCM Buyer's Toolkit HR and payroll resource 2019 cover

This resource became popular fast and has only continued gaining steam since it published back in July. I think the reason for its success is its practicality. The worksheets and checklists included in the HCM Buyer’s Toolkit help you track down and organize all the key details you need to find the right HCM system for your organization. Everything from assessing your current state and priorities to building a buying team of the right experts to understanding the table stakes of what makes a good HCM solution is in there. I highly recommend checking it out if you’ll be looking into new HR and payroll technology options in 2020.

2. How to Improve Manager Effectiveness

How to Improve Manager Effectiveness HR and payroll resource 2019 cover

One accomplishment we’re very proud of from the past two years is the release of our CEO Aron Ain’s book, WorkInspired: How to Build an Organization Where Everyone Loves to Work. In it, Aron talks about how Kronos uses employee engagement as a growth strategy and how putting people first has made us more successful as a business. This resource gives you access to his chapter on manager effectiveness. It’s a valuable read for anyone trying to understand what makes a good manager in the eyes of their organization’s employees and how to operationalize that information to improve both manager performance and employee engagement.

3. Get Payroll Moving at the Speed of Business

Get Payroll Moving at the Speed of Business HR and payroll resource 2019 article

We wrote this article back in the summer of 2018 for Paytech, and it has consistently stayed on our list of top downloaded resources since it was published. That’s because it hits on something we consistently hear as a top priority when we talk with payroll professionals – becoming more of a strategic contributor to their organizations. This article is packed with information about how to use HCM technology to get a handle on payroll key performance indicators (KPIs) so you can both more easily meet standards like compliance requirements and provide critical business information to your company’s leadership around things like payroll accuracy, total cost of ownership for technology, and how payroll processes improve the employee experience. Take a look if you’re challenging yourself to maximize your payroll team’s impact in 2020.

4. Competing in an Era of Choice

Competing in an Era of Choice HR and payroll resource 2019 cover

Something we’ve known for a while now is that when it comes to recruiting it’s a candidate’s market. The modern workforce has more career options than ever, and to stand out in this crowded field HR professionals need to focus on how their organization builds, maintains, and promotes a compelling employee experience. That’s why we created the Competing in an Era of Choice ebook, and judging by its popularity HR teams have been finding the advice provided in it helpful when it comes to crafting an  employee experience that engages applicants, new hires, and long-time employees alike. Dig into this resource to understand how HR can learn from consumer experiences, capitalize on moments that matter to employees, own the employee experience throughout the employee lifecycle, and become an employer of choice with the help of HR technology.

5. Changing the Perception of Payroll

Changing the Perception of Payroll HR and payroll resource 2019 cover

So we all know payroll folks strive for consistency in everything they do, and it turns out that even holds true when it comes to the resources they value most on our website. Our other top payroll resource is Changing the Perception of Payroll, a newer ebook we published earlier this year that covers the results of the most recent survey we conducted with APA. It goes even deeper into the themes discussed in the “Get Payroll Moving at the Speed of Business” article and provides a lot of hard data to back up payroll teams’ desire to get more strategic as well as some guidance on how they can get there. Take a spin through to get all the information you need to fuel your strategic plan for payroll in the new year.

6. Does Your HR Strategy Measure Up?

Does Your HR Strategy Measure Up HR and payroll resource 2019 cover

To round out our top resources list, we’re going to keep the focus on strategy – this time from an HR perspective. Part of being a strategic HR professional is making sure you’re asking yourself the right questions about your processes, and that’s what the Does Your HR Strategy Measure Up? ebook is all about. It’s a nice, quick read that gets right to the heart of how you evaluate the maturity of your HR processes so you can keep growing your organization, maximize your alignment with business goals, and proactively engage and retain your people. This one’s got a lot of thought-provoking insights packed into a small package, so give it a read to make sure you’re on the right track with the strategic HR moves you’re making.

Conclusion: Make the most of the new year

I really could do this all day – there are so many important HR and payroll resources from 2019 that can help you out in 2020. Some honorable mentions include our Moments that Matter ebook, A Simple Guide to Recruiting, and of course the HCM Buyer’s Guide. But like I said at the beginning, we’ve all got a lot to handle for year-end. I hope the resources I’ve highlighted in this article will give you a strong foundation you can use to get 2020 off to a running start. Happy reading and happy holidays!

Published: Tuesday, December 17, 2019