The SHRM Annual Conference and Exposition takes place from June 23rd to 26th this year in Las Vegas. At this conference, you'll have the opportunity to participate in your choice of 200 sessions, all while networking with other innovative HR professionals. In other words, it's like the HR industry's version of ComicCon -- just with fewer capes and masks involved.

If you're already registered for SHRM 2019 or are thinking about signing up, you might be trying to get the lay of the land and figure out which sessions are worth attending. This year, Kronos is hosting two influential sessions on employee experience and human capital management. We've provided some basic information about the value you'll gain from each. Trust us, you'll be glad you chose to go to these presentations instead of killing an hour on the slot machines.

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The power of choice in the employee experience

Stacey Kervin of Kronos will kick off her session, "Choice as the New Competitor: Use the Employee Experience to Recruit and Retain Top Talent," from 7:15 to 8:15 a.m. on Tuesday, June 25. Those who choose to attend Stacey's session will learn:

  • Why employee choice is one of today's biggest points of competition in HR
  • How businesses can target the right lifecycle milestones for their employees

As many HR professionals know, today's job market isn't easy to navigate for recruiters. With our low unemployment rates, we're currently in what is known as a candidate-driven market. While this produces successful overall results for the US economy, it puts talent acquisition professionals in a bit of a bind. Employees and candidates have more choices than they have had in decades. Many talented professionals are actively seeking out new employment opportunities that provide them with a leg up from what they're currently dealing with. They might be on the hunt for higher salaries, flexible hours, more paid time off and other improved benefits.

Stacey's session strives to show HR professionals what they can do to maintain retention rates among their top talent, keeping them from looking elsewhere. It will instruct them on how they might leverage HR technology to produce a strong workplace culture, thereby lowering attrition rates organically.

How can you apply what you'll learn about attracting and retaining talent in a choice-driven market to your own HR practice? Above all else, it pays to be strategic and prepared. Equipped with the insight you've gained from this session, you'll be able to locate key employee lifecycle milestones and other crucial factors that help determine your organization's employee culture. In addition, you'll learn the basics of how integrated applications and emerging technology can make employees feel less like worker bees and more like valuable contributors.

Hard work takes inspiration, not just perspiration

One day prior to Stacey's presentation, on June 24th, Kronos' Chris Mullen is holding a session for HR professionals who want to evaluate and transform their company culture. "Work Inspired: How to Build an Organization Where Everyone Loves to Work" emphasizes the notion of building and fostering a positive employee culture in order to produce results. As we've observed and measured at Kronos, there's a direct connection between an inspired workplace culture and business success. When people enjoy coming in to work, they do better at their jobs; it's as simple as that!

Culture is the glue that holds together all aspects of HR functions, from recruiting and onboarding to engaging and retaining. Additionally, a positive work environment can have an impact on external factors, such as customer satisfaction, performance, and revenue. How do we know this? At Kronos, we've experienced it firsthand.

In 2005, Aron Ain took over as Kronos' CEO. Since then, Kronos has transformed its workplace culture into one that inspires rather than just enables, as Aron discusses in his recently-published book about the journey. We've invested in employee development and engagement as growth strategies, using managers as the major influencers within the company. As a result of Kronos' internal engagement, we've been awarded many "best place to work" distinctions, giving us an upper hand when recruiting top talent in the industry. If that's not convincing enough to tempt you to switch up your workplace engagement model, you might be interested to hear that Kronos' revenue tripled to $1.4 billion after this initiative took place.

In this session, Chris will guide leaders of all types of businesses - from startups to enterprises - in how to develop an inspired workplace culture that is reminiscent of the one that brought Kronos success. With this insight, you can return to your own place of employment, ready to transform your business into one that empowers and inspires its workforce.

Beyond presenting at sessions, Kronos team members will also be available in the expo hall to answer any questions you might have about human capital management, HR technology, and the HR strategies you’re using to help your organization succeed. Make sure to stop by and see us, and we hope you have a great time learning and exploring at SHRM 2019!

Published: Tuesday, June 18, 2019