We just finished another successful KronosWorks, our yearly customer conference where we highlight all our latest advances in HCM technology, and part of what I always enjoy most about the event is getting to talk with our customers about how they're overcoming organizational challenges and getting ahead of the curve with their HR, payroll, and workforce management processes. That's why I figured for this week's blog it would be a great time to ride that wave and give you a glimpse into the world of one of our customers.

This year, one of our lead-off speakers at the opening general session was Tom Schurman, Chief Technology Officer at Servicon Systems. Tom did a great job providing some quick examples of how Servicon keeps employees motivated and connected to the importance of their mission, where his company is seeing success through unifying HCM processes across the employee lifecycle, and the ins and outs of their implementation journey. It's a really great story highlighting some of the hallmarks of a modern HCM approach — particularly using mobile devices to engage employees and make it easy for them to track the information that matters to them.

But hey, don't just take my word for it — see for yourself in this video:

Key takeaways from Servicon's story

I know that video speaks for itself, but here are some quick cliff notes in case you want to remember the highlights:

  • Connecting time, pay, and HR systems saves tons of time and lets team members focus more on strategic and people-focused tasks
  • Responsive, mobile-ready design gives employees a quick option for punching in and out, taking time off, and seeing their pay information
  • Geofencing builds credibility with clients, ensuring workers are in the right place when they punch in
  • Leadership has full visibility into and transparency around key employee metrics so they can allocate resources effectively and address trends quickly
  • Employees, managers, and executives all feel listened to, empowered, and able to execute on the company's mission

Want to get the full story? Check out our online case study highlighting all that Servicon has accomplished.

Read the case study

Published: Tuesday, November 19, 2019