In this current time of unprecedented uncertainty, something I've found helpful is just knowing that I have some sort of a game plan. And when I'm trying to come up with something like that, the first thing I typically try to do is join together with others tackling the same issues and compare notes. To help do just that, I highly recommend you check out the recording below.

Listen to Jon Proffitt, Vice President of Global Workspace Solutions at Kronos, as he joins local leaders from the greater Boston area to discuss how they are addressing the COVID-19 crisis within their organizations. Hosted by the Mass High Tech Council, insights include decision making, communications best practices and more.

In it, you'll hear from leaders at organizations such as Boston Scientific, McKinsey & Co., Putnam Investments, and of course Kronos provide insights into how they're thinking through the current situation, such as:

  • Ensuring employee safety
  • Advancing public health strategies
  • Minimizing business disruptions
  • Best practices and protocols currently being implemented

See the recording

Published: Monday, March 23, 2020