We've spent some time going over best practices for acquiring a seasonal workforce. We talked about strategies for onboarding to make sure your temporary staff members are prepared for the job. We even went through some tactics for staying on top of payroll to account for seasonal employment patterns.

Before you can think about onboarding and paying your seasonal workers, you'll need to plan out recruiting strategies that attract the right people, all while making the most of your time and resources. Human capital management (HCM) software can help speed up the recruiting process and give you the tools and strategies you need to set you up for success when you bring on seasonal employees. Here are some of the top strategies for bringing on a seasonal workforce that best fits your organization:

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Communicate clear expectations for seasonal roles

When you're recruiting full-time staff members, you're probably taking a lot of time to make sure they match the business' culture. To avoid turnover, you might proactively make sure that the employee plans on staying with the company for the foreseeable future. Even if the position is a stepping stone, it shouldn't be one that they'll pass over quickly.

The tough part about hiring seasonal workers is that you have to master the balancing act of quality and quantity. Because you have to bring on a number of employees at once, you likely won't be able to go through the same intensive screening process you've set for full-time staff. That’s why it’s critical to be transparent and lay out the expectations for seasonal roles up front so it’s easier to find candidates who are likely to hit the ground running. You need to make sure the seasonal staff you're bringing on is capable of working in the often faster paced environment associated with your industry's busy season. The trick to bringing on a lot of people at once is having a quick way to ensure they possess the desired skills to meet your business's standards. Building a seasonal candidate persona that collects the most important aspects of the roles you’re hiring for can be a huge help here.

An HCM platform can also help you stay on top of the large number of seasonal candidates applying to and interviewing for your company. This technology lets you organize and filter out candidates from the moment you post the job to the minute you make the offer.

Don't be shy: Put yourself out there in the right locations

Visibility is a major speed bump in recruiting seasonal staff members. When you don't put the job description and application in the right places, you won't attract the right candidates. Plan to put your job where the target demographic of candidates will most likely see it. If you're trying to target young adults who are home for college breaks, try leveraging social media to appeal to active and passive job seekers (don’t forget to highlight your company culture too). If you're going after retirees to join your seasonal workforce, consider providing information to local senior centers about any openings. The National Council on the Aging has plenty of recruitment ideas to target the senior population.

Use knockout questions to be the recruiting champion

As we mentioned above, one of the struggles of recruiting seasonal workers is that you have to hire a lot of qualified people all at once. It's a laborious process to go through every single application with a fine-toothed comb. What's even more frustrating is when you're going through the application of someone who seems like the perfect candidate and then come across something that makes them unhirable. Maybe the hours they're available are extremely inflexible or they can't work on the biggest sales day of the year.

To save yourself and your team the time and trouble, consider setting up knockout questions in the survey your applicants will fill out. These are automated survey questions that eliminate candidates when they answer a question in a certain way. Rather than manually going through every application, you can set up filters to knock out disqualified candidates, giving you some time back to focus on other recruiting priorities. A strong HCM platform can include these kinds of questions in your application process and make it easy to focus on best-fit candidates.

How human capital management tools can help seasonal recruiting

Kronos' streamlined HCM software offers HR professionals the tools they need to recruit high-quality seasonal employees. Get in touch with your organization's leaders and explain the value an HCM platform can bring to your business.

Published: Tuesday, June 4, 2019