On February 20, 2020, we announced that Kronos Incorporated entered into a definitive merger agreement with Ultimate Software to form one of the world’s largest cloud companies. Since that time, a lot has happened and it’s been inspiring to see our companies come together and remain relentlessly committed to ensuring our customers are at the forefront of our priorities despite the world of work practically changing overnight.

In our early communications with the market about this merger, we talked about two main drivers:

  1. Combining two of the greatest people cultures out there.
  2. Collaborating to deliver the most innovative people solutions to our customers.

We know we’re all excited, but that’s not what matters most – let’s spend some time talking about why this is great for you.

Ultimate Kronos merge excited customer concept

Why our customers should be excited

Throughout our histories, Kronos and Ultimate each have worked to inspire people, and over time our approach to doing that has become more and more closely aligned. A longtime global leader in workforce management, Kronos has evolved into a cloud powerhouse that also provides award-winning  human capital management (HCM) solutions covering the entire employee life cycle. Similarly, starting from a core of industry-leading human resources (HR) solutions, Ultimate has dramatically expanded their footprint over the years to deliver an end-to-end premium HCM solution to their customers.

Not only do our strengths complement one another, but together our technologies represent the best the workforce management and human capital management space as a whole have to offer. This merger will enable:

  • Rapid innovation powered by the minds behind two of the most highly regarded HR technology providers out there.
  • Purpose-built solutions for every level of organization – from SMB up to large enterprise.
  • An even stronger commitment to service – two award-winning professional services and support organizations comparing notes to deliver an unparalleled level of care around our products.
  • An expanded community of peers our customers can network with for best practices, thought leadership, and a deeper sense of belonging.

Why our people are excited

In the past 40 days since the merger announcement, I’ve seen genuine enthusiasm for what these two companies can accomplish together, and while our excitement is tempered as everyone navigates the current global health crisis affecting our communities, the urgency to share best practices and learn from each other is more important than ever. The combined organizations allow for:

  • Top talent from across the HR software landscape committed to developing the best employee technology experience out there.
  • Unprecedented opportunity to learn and grow from each other to solve unique problems for our customers in new and innovative ways.
  • A true merger of equals. This isn't about one company subsuming another; it's built on a mutual respect and acknowledgement that we're bringing the best of both together.
  • The opportunity to define a new brand identity that captures the essence of our combined brands and our mission to leave people inspired every day.

Welcome to day one. There are still some things we aren’t sure about, like our new company name. (We’ll let you know as soon as we know!) But one thing is for certain: we’ve set the bar high – for ourselves and for the market – and we’re committed to delivering for the tens of millions of people using a Kronos or an Ultimate solution that are now a part of our collective family.

Published: Wednesday, April 1, 2020