Part of IT’s mission is partnering with the business to help drive organizational goals with help of tools and technology available out there. This will be part of a series where I talk about the challenges IT professionals encounter every day through the lens of HCM technology.

Today’s topic is something we’ve heard repeatedly on the news and it’s scary that it’s become the norm – data breaches! With data breaches on the rise and not slowing down anytime soon, are your IT teams doing too much already? According to Malwarebytes’s recent 2019 State of Malware report, “Overall business detections of malware rose significantly over the last year—79 percent to be exact—and primarily due to the increase in backdoors, miners, spyware, and information stealers.” Here’s how working in the modern cloud can help add additional layers of security to protect your employee and workforce data.

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How an HCM data breach can affect you

Compromised employee data affects everyone within an organization, including you! Workers trust their employers to safeguard their personal information. Since HCM systems store all your employee data, these systems are a treasure trove of information such as names, social security numbers, addresses, phone numbers, dates of birth, and other personal information that identity thieves covet. From an IT perspective this means it’s a critical area to protect.

So why focus on protecting HCM data? Well, the impact of compromised employee information is twofold:

1. Employee data is breached.

Well, now you must notify your employees. Due to the personal nature of this information, they’ll become stressed and lose trust in the organization to safeguard their information. This leads to a disengaged workforce, because they’re left to pick up the pieces and handle the painstaking steps to stop potential identity theft. With just a few pieces of this personal information, identity thieves can open fraudulent credit card accounts, gain deeper access into employee financials, and disrupt their everyday life. Trying to deal with the consequences of identity theft isn’t an easy fix. It can take years talking on the phone with credit card agencies, banks, and other organizations just to reclaim your identity. Not only does it affect your workforce, but your organization can also be at legal risk for costly damages.

2. IT teams are stretched thin.

Many organizations view IT teams as cost centers. Your teams most likely have responsibilities ranging from maintaining the infrastructure to supporting end users. Now add in protecting employee data – that’s a huge workload. Information security isn’t just a 9 to 5 thing; you need 24/7 monitoring and protection. These longs hours lead to an increase in both overtime spend and burnout on the IT team, affecting your bottom line in with additional costs.

How to manage HCM security better

Safeguarding employee information is a tall order, but the right HCM cloud solution can take a lot of worries off your plate by taking on the data protection and monitoring for you. Are you taking all the preventative steps needed to minimize a data breach’s potential impact? With the right HCM cloud solution identity thieves can be stopped in their tracks with:

  •  24/7 monitoring by your HCM vendor to spot any anomalies the moment they happen
  • Layers of security that meet and exceed information security standards to keep the information in the HCM system, both at rest and in motion, protected from exploitation
  • Testing on a regular basis to assess the HCM system’s stability and continually strengthen it
  • The help of HCM and IT experts standing by your side to take work off your internal team’s shoulders and implement proven protection strategies

These are just a few of the benefits a great HCM solution can provide that will put your mind at ease while also streamlining the IT team’s workload so you can focus on the projects that bring the most strategic benefit to your organization.

Often organizations have too many systems that aren’t integrated well, which adds complexity to the monitoring and maintenance of your systems. Reduce both your risk and workload by having your HCM cloud solution as one of your core systems for employee information. This consolidates your data sources into a centralized single source of truth, making it easier to maintain and secure.

Choosing the right HCM cloud solution can help to protect your employee data. There’s more at stake than just keeping your data safe, it’s about protecting the lives of your employees. If you build your HCM infrastructure in the right way, it can help build trust between you and your workforce and keep them engaged. Be the hero your organization deserves and focus on data security today!

Published: Thursday, August 1, 2019