The American Payroll Association’s Annual Congress is just around the corner, and we’re excited to join payroll professionals from across the world for four days in Long Beach!

Aside from enjoying Long Beach’s world-renowned beaches, we’re most looking forward to the educational workshops and networking opportunities at Congress. We know the speakers and workshop leaders will cover a ton a material, but here are the top five things we’re hoping to learn at Congress.

Woman looking out into horizon future payroll concept

1.    How to prepare for federal regulation updates

There has been a number of proposed changes to federal regulations – from the increased overtime wage base and changes to fringe benefits to worker classification and form W4 updates. 

These changes, if approved, would impact most organizations and a large population of employees. Most organizations will look to their HR and payroll teams to lead the process of adapting their procedures, estimating the financial impact, and preparing employees for these changes. 

We hope some workshops cover how payroll teams can:

•    Model the financial impact of these new regulations
•    Adapt their processes to stay compliant
•    Effectively communicate the changes to employees

2.    How to become a more strategic business partner

Payroll has historically been considered a back-office function, but it oversees a huge expense and ensures that you’re compliant with hundreds of labor regulations. The business impact of payroll is significant, but it can also provide a lot of insights into your business and your workforce that you can gain a lot of strategic value from.

For payroll teams, becoming more strategic will become an imperative as organizations look to leverage payroll data to gain greater insights and support better business decisions. 

We hope some workshops cover how payroll teams can:

•    Leverage payroll data to support their organization
•    Understand the analytics that stakeholders across the business need to make better decisions
•    Develop a scalable reporting processes that delivers these analytics efficiently and effectively

3.   How to formalize quality improvement

Payroll teams that can demonstrate how they’re constantly improving the efficiency and accuracy of payroll can further elevate payroll’s position as a strategic business partner.

One of the best ways to do this is by establishing, tracking, and improving key performance indicators (KPIs) around your payroll processes. 

We hope some workshops can teach us how payroll teams can: 

•    Establish benchmarks and KPIs for their payroll processes
•    Decide how frequently to track and report KPIs
•    Identify and improve payroll process issues that negatively impact KPIs

4.    How to improve the employee experience

With a tight labor market, organizations are always looking for new ways to differentiate their employee experience in order to attract and retain talent. 

Between submitting timesheets, requesting time-off, and reviewing pay statements, payroll is a frequent touchpoint for your employees – so you are in a unique position to have a positive impact on your organization’s employee experience. 

We hope to see how modern payroll solutions can:

•    Improve time tracking and approvals
•    Reduce paycheck errors
•    Provide a mobile-friendly and easy-to-use interface

5.    How to fit all the swag in our suitcase 

And last, but not least – we are excited for all the exhibitor swag, prizes, and activities. Exhibitors go all-out at APA, and we’re stepping up our game.  

Although we can’t help you fit it all in your suitcase, stop by our booth #105 to meet our team and to pick up your own custom canvas bag, sunglasses, and more swag. Also check out our show page for more cool reasons to drop by our booth!

Can’t make it to APA? Join our HR and Payroll eSymposium on May 1st to earn SHRM, HRCI, and APA recertification credits.

Published: Thursday, April 11, 2019