The days of posting a warehouse job, and almost immediately receiving twenty qualified and interested candidates are long gone. Logistics organizations, large and small, are facing an extremely tight labor market — and it’s not getting better anytime soon.

Recruiting arguably isn’t even the biggest labor challenge distribution companies are up against right now. Retaining warehouse employees has become a significant supply- and-demand obstacle as well. As competition intensifies and customer expectations rise around next-day shipping, the tight labor market is leading to serious concerns around achieving productivity goals. 

Increasing employee engagement has become even more critical to an organization’s success, and distribution operation managers are taking notice. With employees leaving for fractions of a dollar more per hour pay from the competition right down the street, it’s imperative for managers to explore new tactics to help retain their people.


Tactics to help reduce warehouse employee attrition

A couple tried-and true tactics to help reduce warehouse employee attrition in the distribution industry are: 

  • Adopt Flexible Scheduling Worker Demographics are shifting, so be prepared to meet the varied scheduling needs of a multi-generational workforce.


  •  Provide Leadership Development Programs Retain existing employees — and attract new ones — by giving your employees the training tools they need to succeed in the warehouse.

The supply-chain workforce shortage is becoming increasingly challenging, but by reducing warehouse employee attrition, your organization can uncover hidden capacity, control costs, and boost responsiveness to achieve new levels of operational excellence.

Learn more about the above tactics and discover a couple more in this infographic...

Top Five Ways to Reduce Warehouse Employee Attrition

Published: Monday, November 18, 2019