We are in unprecedented times.  During outbreaks, political discord, and times of uncertainty, we desperately look for heroes.  Someone to make things better, rescue us, or tell us that everything will be OK.  Especially for our kids, who are the most impressionable among us. 

Some of us look to government officials.  To guide us, to use our state and national resources in thoughtful, intelligent ways.  To improve our lives during the times we are in. 

Some of us look inward, to ourselves.  We work to be our own source of strength and pull ourselves up. 

Some of us look at our business leaders and local entrepreneurs to be creative by changing the way we do business.  Food trucks and delivery services are becoming a norm. 

But I’ll tell you who I often look to.  I look to educators.  Teachers, Principals and other School Employees are heroes. They are the hidden leaders who make the world better through small, measurable actions.  They have forged ahead to create alternative ways of learning while outside the classroom.   

Our customers’ school districts are doing some great things to keep students engaged and healthy: 

At a time when there is so much uncertainty for teachers, seeing their students gives them a reason to keep going.  No challenge can defeat them.  No roadblock can intimidate them.  No virus can stand in their way. 

In times of crisis, Teachers and School Employees are the heroes we need.  They are unsung heroes.

Published: Friday, April 10, 2020