Sneak Peak – 2019 Kronos Appointment StudyComing out next month is the new 2019 Kronos Appointment Study, and you're getting a sneak peak here at The Branch Experience blog first.

The Kronos® 2019 Appointment Study, which highlights proprietary data on nearly 3,800 appointments scheduled at more than 340 financial institution branches located across North America during February 2019, provides a snapshot into consumer behavior that financial institutions can use to improve branch service and performance.

As the data illustrates in the above chart, walk-in traffic was typically light in the morning and picked up later in the day. People tended to make appointments, however, earlier in the day with booked meetings peaking before noon. This data indicates that account holders and prospects generally prefer to schedule appointments to discuss more complex products in the morning, and walk-in visitors with more general inquiries tend to start up midmorning and remain steady throughout the business day.

See more charts like the above and detailed analysis in a couple weeks when the study is published.

Published: Friday, April 26, 2019