Part 1: No one washes a rental car

Employee engagement and quality patient outcomes are in the balance every hour in healthcare today. In fact, human capital management in healthcare is crucial to saving lives and providing good care. Managing the workload, utilizing tools such as Kronos Workforce Scheduler™ Extensions for Healthcare, will meet the requirements necessary to deliver safe care to patients and to ensure the expertise of the nurse is met. Optimizing the workforce and developing employee strengths creates an atmosphere of team work resulting in better productivity and is essential to retention and recruitment of intellectual capital. Kronos Analytics for Healthcare provides rich data for the sustainability of human capital in an ever-changing healthcare environment. Let’s not forget great companies are powered by great people. So, look at great people in action. 

Great people = great companies' 

Since the arrival of “reality TV” there are startling insights into our healthcare workforce today. It is through dramas like “Untold Stories of the ER” that we can visualize what happens during trauma events watching doctors and nurses acting in harmony, as a team attempts to save a life. You see sophisticated technology performing in the background to display vital signs and other important images to determine if the team’s efforts are indeed stabilizing the patient.  

Also, in the background we observe personnel communicating with the OR, radiology and lab ordering interventions as the doctors and nurses attempt to predict the outcome. We watch with amazement, the team work, the timing, the directives being executed, and the balance of life and death being played out on a gurney in a small cubicle that in the past has probably held many performances, often leading to a sad 3rd act.  

Kronos scheduling technology uses Artificial Intelligence to strengthen human intervention to determine the skills of the team are met when daily staffing occurs. 

We can observe the dedicated, committed professionals accountable to no other than the patient and each other. Isn’t this why we enter the sanctum of healthcare? Stepping back from these scenarios we are left to wonder - how did this team come together? Did they sit down and place their names on a schedule to predict this situation? No, it’s not that simple to apply predictability to fate, or as destiny would ascribe it, a great or noble course. Anyone who prepares themselves for a “shift” in healthcare understands the odds of what may occur over the course of hours as they perform their routine tasks. Kronos scheduling solutions have been designed to allow human capital to comport with patient flow dynamics to ensure safe staffing.  Open shifts through Kronos mobile technology provide real time needs for staffing.

Owning your (outcomes) rental car 

You may be asking yourself “what does this have to do with washing a rental car”, well the truth is “you have to own it”. The individuals you observe in these dramas are real. They know split second decision making. They are prepared, accountable to act upon many situations. They know what is in the balance. They own the patient outcomes.

This is also indicative of safe staffing policies in action. It is an act of accountability, it’s just that simple. It is an outcome of understanding the complexity of workforce management in healthcare. Kronos staffing technology through Workforce Scheduler Extensions align the necessary skills and certifications of employees to meet patient needs. Let’s get back to basics. We joined the healthcare team to help and serve others and it all begins by placing our name alongside others on a schedule. Can we predict how any team on any shift on a schedule will perform at any given time? Probably not, but we can plan on technology to guide staffing decisions and ensure employees are safe and patients are being cared for appropriately. Utilizing the Kronos Staffing Link can demonstrate quality outcomes for National Database of Nursing Quality Indicators (NDNQI) reporting, closing this loop. 

Managing a 24/7 workforce can be mind boggling at time. Creating schedules that manage work/life balance for healthcare providers is necessary because there are patient lives at stake. Next time you turn out the lights to go to bed think about the nurse, the doctor and support personnel who work throughout the night to keep patients safe. And remember it’s not just a name on a schedule. It’s about owning the outcome of that schedule. 

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Published: Wednesday, January 8, 2020