From tellers to loan managers, keeping employees engaged is critical—especially in the branch where there is a direct correlation with account holder service. For all collar workers emerging banking technologies, changing account holder expectations and the increasing appeal of technology firms trying to attract top talent can have a significant impact on morale.

It's important to tackle these engagement challenges head on through proactive approaches like improved onboarding, investing in the right branch digital solutions and staying in compliance through improved analytics.


With a more planned out and deliberate approach, onboarding in the branch can be a hassle-free process that allows organizations to focus on the human part of human resources. Learn how to improve your onboarding in this eBook titled, Improved Best Practices for Onboarding.

Branch digital solutions

By applying digital solutions to your workforce, you can foster engaged employees who are scheduled to meet the needs of the branch as well as account holders, so you can deliver an exceptional customer journey and improved performance for your organization.

For example, with the right branch scheduling solutions, ready access to employee profiles not only streamlines schedule creation, but it also simplifies cross-utilization and reallocation of resources within the branch for better service, higher efficiency, and most importantly—more productive and satisfied staff members.

Another example, is lobby management software. Staff members value the reduction of stress that a more streamlined queue management system provides. As the branch customer journey improves, your employee engagement will as well.

Staying in Compliance

Hot topics in employee engagement are pay equity and overtime pay. Branch management generally leans heavily on HR to make sure they are in compliance around these topics. However, compliance regulations for hourly and salaried employees can be challenging, with varying mandates based on employment status and location. And without the proper insights, information, and tools, you could put your organization at risk for unnecessary compliance litigation. Learn more about how you can use the right analytics tools to mitigate compliance here.

The digital transformation is well underway at financial institutions, with most of the emphasis being placed on developing mobile and online solutions for account holders. Successful institutions will look for ways to implement digital technologies across all areas of the institution as well, reinventing the branch for both account holders and all collar employees.

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Published: Thursday, April 4, 2019