The branch can be a powerful tool

One of the biggest challenges for financial institution digital marketing professionals is attributing sales to specific digital marketing campaigns. With today's last touch attribution methodology, there is a massive underrepresentation of engagement that begins digitally, or online, but ends up in the branch.

Directionally, digital marketers are confident their activities are leading to more sales in the branch, but when the higher-ups ask for the proof, it leaves them scratching their heads.

Why should the branch get counted as 'branch openings/engagement' when digital marketing is getting dinged with ‘abandoned digital engagements’? Walk-in traffic certainly does happen, but in today’s hyper-digital world, a significant portion of branch sales certainly originate outside the branch.

The big question for digital marketers is, how much of branch sales exactly can be attributed to their campaigns? Understanding this detailed information can help them make the case for an increase in their digital marketing budgets, and ultimately lead to more sales for the institution. Fortunately, there are now solutions to help with this.

Appointment setting software have campaign tracking capabilities to guide and monitor prospect activity on a journey from a digital marketing touch to appointment booking at a branch. With simple, built-in integration with Google Analytics and Adobe Analytics, digital marketers can now attribute branch sales to each digital campaign.

Appointment setting software campaign tracking can:

  • Track engagement source – website (including which webpage), mobile app or specific marketing initiative
  • Integrate seamlessly with advanced analytics platforms
  • Attribute social media campaigns to branch visits

Since the branch is often where quality interactions for high-revenue products and services — such as mortgages and wealth management — end up, it’s critical for institutions to have the right digital banking tools in place to drive, and track, traffic to the branch.

Learn more how the branch can be a powerful tool in your next digital marketing campaign here.

Published: Wednesday, July 3, 2019