Appointment Banking and Customer Change ManagementFor many, going to their local bank branch to interact with a non-teller employee has never changed.  They walk in, sign the clipboard and then wait to be seen by the next available service representative.  They might even consider it their lucky day if they walk in to find an empty waiting area.  Unfortunately, it would be more common than not for them to see two or three other people already waiting in the lobby ahead of them.

Fortunately, with the advent and adoption of new branch appointment applications waiting can be a thing of the past for account holders.  Additionally, no matter what their questions may be they are ensured to have the right employee to talk to every time they get an appointment.

This technology is gradually being adopted by financial institutions, and will likely be used by most in a few years.  One of the first questions for management teams who are considering appointment technology for their branches is how fast will our account holders adopt this new approach?

Of course this will vary widely depending on a number of factors, but those that enable their customers with the below change management tools and tactics will likely have much higher adoption at a faster rate.

Integrating appointment applications with lobby tracking software

Having an electronic clipboard forces your account holders to see what they could be missing when they sign-in.  Clearly highlighted in the below example in the middle and right tiles are appointment related functions.  After a likely wait, this is a feature they won't forget to utilize next time they need to go to the branch.

Bank lobby sign in

Utilize monitor queues in the lobby, highlighting those with appointments

Made popular by airport terminals, queue monitors help people see exactly where they are in line.  Not only is this feature convenient for those in the lobby, it can also serve as a constant reminder of the benefits of getting an appointment—with account holders with appointment clearly marked on the monitor.

Increase awareness of the new appointment application to the account holders via direct marketing and display advertising in the branch

Getting the word out their about your new appointment software in the branch can be a worthwhile marketing project.  Use traditional methods, such as direct mailers or display advertising, or use more modern approaches like email promotions for loans with appointment software links integrated into the call to action.

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Published: Tuesday, April 23, 2019