Phew! You made it through another holiday season! And now that the holidays are over, it’s time to take down the tree, put away the stockings and FINALLY, take the elf off the shelf and put it back in the box for another year. With 2019 coming to an end, it’s time to start thinking about 2020 and what you want to accomplish in the New Year. With the start of a fresh year, comes a fresh set of New Year’s Resolutions. Will you try and see family more? Is this the year you are going to be more organized? Or maybe you have already signed up for a new gym. And while it is important to have personal resolutions to kick off the new year, it’s also important to have professional resolutions as well.

Here are 5 New Year’s Resolutions we suggest to help you start 2020 off on the right foot: 

1. Focus on people – not paperwork and processes

As an HR professional, you are continuing to take on a more strategic role as manufacturers seek to attract and retain top talent, develop and engage the workforce, and more effectively manage the employee life cycle from pre-hire to retire. Too often, however, manual processes and time-consuming administrative tasks associated with managing employee data, benefits, unions and compliance can keep HR leaders from focusing on initiatives that boost workforce productivity, improve employee engagement, and drive better business outcomes. 

With a human capital management solution from Kronos, you can automate core HR functions such as onboarding and benefits management while providing a single database that stores and tracks all employee data in one location. Automated workflows, configurable forms and reports, and real-time access to accurate, consistent employee information helps reduce administrative workload and minimize compliance risk allowing you to focus on what you love best – the people – rather than paperwork and processes. 

2. Unlock the predictive power of people analytics

For manufacturers, collecting data is nothing new you are constantly collecting data about production, work orders, quality, and accounting just to name a few. But while you are collecting this data, you are also collecting more and more data about your workforce. But often manufacturers face challenges when it comes to presenting actional employee information to help make effective, data-driven decisions. Categories of employee information, such as data about employee reliability, performance and productivity, risk, and engagement, are often buried in silos located across an organization, making it difficult or impossible to consult before decisions are made. 

Kronos’ Employee Perspectives is a truly unique people analytics tool that helps you predict and act on the workforce trends and behaviors that matter to your organization. With Employee Perspectives, you can access data points from across the employee lifecycle that meet your exact business needs like predicting flight risk for your different employees and proactively preventing attrition and spotting changes in employee engagement and addressing them before they have an impact. 

3. Connect with employees on the moments that matter most to them

Human capital management is more than simply implementing a technology solution to increase efficiency and improve your bottom line. It’s also about providing a human-centered view into the daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly moments that matter in your employees’ lives

As a busy HR professional, it can be hard to get out from behind the desk and down to the plant floor to talk with your employees. But to improve the employee experience means asking your hourly workers questions that let them honestly tell you how things are working right now.

Questions like:

  • How easily can you check or change your schedule?
  • How do you feel about our benefits enrollment process?
  • How simple is it do day-to-day things like track your pay or request time off?

If you make technology choices based on employee feedback to take away the stress and administrative hassle, employees can do meaningful, fulfilling work that positively impacts your company’s business goals. 

4. Identify and develop top talent

Recruiting the best employees and developing their skills and knowledge are critically important for your organization’s success, but if you are not planning for future staffing needs, you’re missing an opportunity to engage and retain employees and create continuity in your business. In fact, a recent study by Deloitte found that 69% of Manufacturing Executives believe their workforce lacks problem-solving skills, 67% think they don’t have the necessary technical training and 70% feel they lack technology and computer skills. And according to those same executives, the most executive skill development strategy is internal employee training. 

Interactive charts and graphs provide employee metrics that help you build and manage talent pools. An easy-to-use performance and potential matrix simplifies talent pool evaluation and helps you identify and understand the developmental needs of employees. The result: you help create careers paths for employees who have the current skills or potential to move up in an organization and you help build strengths to better engage and retail top talent. 

5. Become an employer of choice

It’s no secret, manufacturing organizations are struggling to attract, retain, and engage talent with the skill sets required to meet their strategic objectives.

In fact, Deloitte and The Manufacturing Institute estimate that over the next 10 years, manufacturers will likely need to add 4.6 million jobs – 2.4 million of which may go unfilled.

At the same time, employees are looking for alternative work arrangements, flexible hours, more control over their time, and a consumer-like work experience. 

You can impact a prospective employee’s choice with technology. By offering the cutting edge technology that employees expect, aligned with a carefully crafted workforce strategy, you can help persuade employees to work for – or remain with – your organization and put you on the path to increased efficiency, higher employee engagement, and improved business performance. 


Now that you have your New Year’s Resolutions, here’s to a successful 2020! 

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Published: Monday, December 30, 2019