Get real-world experience at Kronos

Want to start your career off on the right foot? We know getting real-world experience to develop your skills set and build your resume isn’t easy. But getting that big break can be a whole lot easier with an internship under your belt.

Interns at Kronos actually get paid to do interesting, challenging, and meaningful work that contributes to the organization. That’s right! We believe in paying our interns for their contributions to our organization and commitment to transitioning into the working world.

As a member of our intern program at Kronos you'll:

  • Be paired with a mentor who provides guidance and support
  • Enjoy social events and programs such as sporting events and volunteerism
  • Participate in professional social networking events and meetings with Kronos executives and other company leaders
  • Collaborate on small-group projects and give your own formal presentation to your peers and leaders

Join the Kronos team to gain real-world experience, network with career professionals, and learn from mentors who understand the importance of a rewarding internship.

But first, should you be invited to interview, we want you to be as prepared as possible. Find out what to expect when interviewing at Kronos.

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