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Survey: Americans Regret Overlooking Manufacturing Jobs

A recurring fear for many execs in the supply chain is that a talent crisis is coming, driven by a demographics shift as much as rapidly changing technology.

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Manufacturing Day's Commitment

Manufacturing Day is a celebration of manufacturing and more importantly it is meant to inspire the next generation of manufacturers and their workforces!

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Why Are So Many Americans In The Dark When It Comes To Manufacturing?

A recent survey entitled “Manufacturing Day: If You Knew Then What You Know Now” has found that 21 percent of Americans have little to no knowledge about the manufacturing industry.

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Will the 2016 Olympics Torch Productivity? An Estimated 55 Million Employed Americans May Watch a Summer Games Event Live During Work

The 2016 Summer Games are expected to break the 2012 London Olympics ratings record as the most-watched event in U.S. television history – and, according to a survey commissioned by The Workforce Institute at Kronos Incorporated and conducted online by Harris Poll, more than 55 million employed Americans may tune in during work hours.

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How Important Are Flexible Time Off Policies To Millennials?

One of the recent trends among corporations is to introduce a flexible time off policy, allowing their employees to take time off at their choosing, without having to count or accrue time off hours. Millennials are often to thank for this as they’ve pressed for more flexible and accommodating benefits.

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Supply Chain 101: Top Tips For Great Partnerships

Supply Chain 101: Top Tips For Great Partnerships

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