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A New Kind of “EHR”: “Empowering Human Resources” in Healthcare

Enterprise solutions have long been challenging to integrate and have often not easily fit into the actual workflow of care delivery. With the next generation of workforce management solutions available today, healthcare organizations are now able to select solutions that can seamlessly integrate with other business applications and fully support the natural workflows.

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We Built Our Own Employee Engagement Platform - and You Can, Too

Kronos is a longtime leader in workforce management and human capital management cloud solutions. Customer Marketsource wanted to deploy Workforce Dimensions within its custom engagement application, so it made sense to “cut out the middleman” by forgoing a traditional PaaS provider and leveraging the Kronos D5 platform instead.

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Your Pet Will Be Fine. Don’t Sacrifice Your Vacation Time

Overwhelmed workers are throwing away billions of dollars in unused vacation time. And unlimited leave, the trendy tech sector recruiting tool that’s crept into other industries, has yet to prove it’s the silver bullet to escaping the daily grind. Workforce solutions provider Kronos chose to move to unlimited leave because of blurred lines between home life and work.

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Want Your People to Work Inspired? Be An Un-Leader

Kronos Inc. CEO Aron Ain talks about the principles and practices that have made his company a showcase of employee engagement. The journey is chronicled by CEO Aron Ain in WorkInspired: How to Build an Organization Where Everyone Loves to Work.

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Right Person, Right Place, Right Time: Managing Unplanned Absence

According to a recent survey by The Workforce Institute at Kronos Incorporated, retail managers across six global regions revealed that last-minute absenteeism leaves their stores understaffed a quarter of the time, while more than half of retailers surveyed (52%) cited unplanned absence as one of their organization’s most difficult, complex, and time-consuming issues.

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You Don’t Own Your Employees’ Careers

Kronos CEO Aron Ain shares three tips to make the most of your time with your employees.

| | Talent Management Excellence
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How Artificial Intelligence Can Humanize Workforce Communications and Customer Engagement

Today’s workplace is becoming more efficient thanks to the effective implementation of technology. Between new collaboration tools, the incorporation of artificial intelligence (AI) and better platforms for connecting with customers, the way we work has changed greatly over the last couple of decades.

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Kronos Tops the List of Massachusetts’ Largest Companies

Kronos Inc., the Lowell-based software maker, strives to give its workers flexibility, responsibility, and respect.

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How To Create A Culture Of Engagement

David Almeda, SVP, Chief People Officer at Kronos Incorporated shares his journey into HR, the importance of employee engagement, how Kronos let employees rate their managers twice a year and much more.

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IBM’s Watson is Now Offering Career Coaching to Hourly Employees

A new partnership between IBM Watson and the workforce management platform Kronos will give hourly workers access to personalized career-path coaching.

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