CHICAGO, SHRM 2018 Annual Conference and Exposition, Jun 19, 2018

Kronos Incorporated today introduced Workforce Ready People Analytics, a suite of analytics tools for Kronos Workforce Ready that helps organizations transform human resources (HR), payroll, talent, and timekeeping data into employee-centric decisions that drive operational excellence and support the development of a highly-engaged workforce.

News Facts

  • Uncover trends and leverage predictive forecasts to implement long-term improvement strategies
    • Workforce Ready Employee Perspectives draws on the full-power of Workforce Ready’s unified platform of HR, workforce management, and payroll data to quantify employee performance, reliability, and risk, along with dozens of other attributes.
    • Employee Perspectives allows managers to replace choices previously made solely on intuition with evidence-based decisions, such as assigning employees with high reliability scores to open a store in the morning, rewarding the highest performers with preferred shifts, or identifying employees who may be at risk of quitting. Measurable and consistent benchmarks increase transparency for employees, who can better appreciate why certain decisions are made.
    • Workforce Ready Succession Planning allows organizations to fully understand how their existing employee population is prepared to handle current and future growth with more than 100 configurable charts and metrics, proactively identifying today’s top talent that can be developed into tomorrow’s organizational leaders.
    • For organizations that want to drill even deeper into their employee data, Workforce Ready’s analytics service helps answer dozens of specific questions on executive strategy, engagement, and efficiency; scheduling and talent acquisition practices; compensation decisions; and overtime, seasonality, and shifting workforce demands.
  • Proactively manage-in-the-moment with informed decisions based on key workforce insights
    • Real-time visibility through Workforce Scheduler allows managers faced with unexpected absences to make intelligent staffing decisions on the fly, quickly matching willing and available employees to an open shift without compromising labor costs or jeopardizing productivity or service levels.
    • Easy-to-consume charts and dashboards help managers keep close tabs on more than 150 key metrics in areas such as absences, accruals, overtime, payroll, retention, and turnover so that they can make quick, decisive choices that positively benefit the business.
    • Real-time reports provide a closer look at day-to-day operations, offering details people and processes, making it easy to stay informed on developments across the entire organization.
    • Leveraging a unified platform instead of disparate or even integrated solutions as the basis for people analytics makes it fast and simple to access data, ensuring organizations always make critical business decisions with an up-to-date view of their employee population.
    • An entirely new user interface, currently available to select Workforce Ready customers with all customers expected to be invited to opt-in to the experience this fall, will deliver an even broader collection of insights for users.

Supporting Quotes

  • Bob DelPonte, vice president and general manager, Workforce Ready Group, Kronos
    “Workforce Ready provides a deep and diverse set of people analytics options across a single solution, allowing organizations to gather workforce insights and data required to make informed business decisions and build a highly engaged workforce. Whether it is day-to-day information for tactical activities, or a deep-dive into the data to assess the effectiveness of current strategy, Workforce Ready delivers the insights needed to manage-in-the-moment today while preparing for tomorrow.”

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