LOWELL, Mass., Feb 04, 2020

With a sharp focus on innovation, employee engagement, and future of work initiatives, GATE Petroleum, one of the largest privately held companies in Florida and longtime Kronos Incorporated customer, is transforming its manager and employee experience with Workforce Dimensions and the new Kronos InTouch DX by automating repetitive processes and optimizing workforce productivity through unprecedented insight into critical, real-time data.

News Facts

  • A Kronos customer for nearly 15 years, GATE is a diversified corporation operating several distinct businesses including convenience stores, car washes, concrete plants, real estate, and fuel and fleet services. With Workforce Dimensions, the cloud-native, mobile-first, artificial intelligence-powered workforce management suite, GATE is modernizing workforce processes to deliver an enriched manager and employee experience.
    • Since GATE went live with timekeeping and accruals in 2019, managers and supervisors for the first time have access to real-time labor data – such as employee time and attendance – providing greater visibility into their workforce, allowing them to solve critical business issues in a timelier manner, and ensuring each location is always properly staffed.
    • Starting with its precast concrete plants, GATE will soon move off its paper-based processes and automate scheduling within Workforce Dimensions, powered by AIMEE, helping managers build more employee-friendly schedules, align staffing with demand to ensure the right people are assigned the right jobs, and help minimize overstaffing as well as unexpected overtime.
    • The mobile-first nature of Workforce Dimensions empowers managers to complete important actions – such as approving employee time-off requests – right from their smartphone, untethering them from the back office so they can focus on higher-value activities such as developing associates and customer service.
  • As an early adopter of Workforce Dimensions and the Kronos InTouch DX time clock, GATE is accelerating its digital transformation for employees while embracing the Kronos customer-first approach product development, receiving hands-on experience and providing valuable employee feedback during development of the next generation workforce management suite and future-ready time clock.
  • The InTouch DX delivers a proactive and personalized user experience, surfacing critical alerts and notifications to an employee as soon as they punch, empowering them to take various self-service actions via a 7-inch, full-color, and responsive LCD touchscreen.
  • GATE is leveraging the power of the Kronos D5 platform, which provides a robust, open API framework for easy integration with the organization’s existing systems, including payroll, to move data seamlessly between applications, as well as enable future integrations and extensions.

Supporting Quotes

  • Austin McCormack, chief information officer, GATE
    “As we continue to evolve as a diversified corporation, it’s important for us to invest in technology that allows our managers and employees to work smarter, as well as more efficiently and effectively, while dispersed across multiple locations. Workforce Dimensions does the heavy lifting for us; the automated capabilities help streamline operations while access to real-time data gives managers the visibility they need to make more informed decisions. With Kronos, we have a proven partner that’s committed to our success – and our future. We’re excited about the limitless possibilities of Workforce Dimensions.”
  • Gregg Gordon, vice president, industry marketing, Kronos
    “Today’s modern workforce expects more from its workplace technology. With Workforce Dimensions, GATE is arming its people – its most valuable asset – with powerful, automated technology to help them work smarter and achieve their best. Workforce Dimensions not only gives GATE a competitive edge, it sets the stage for future success with Kronos by their side every step of the way.”

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