LOWELL, Mass., Jun 26, 2019

Modell’s Sporting Goods, a 130-year-old retail chain, will empower associates, managers, and field leaders with a unified workforce management and task management experience leveraging the next-generation Workforce Dimensions cloud suite from Kronos Incorporated. The real-time, mobile solution delivers an engaging user experience with self-service employee features to help associates be more productive, insightful, and inspired to deliver a phenomenal customer experience on behalf of the Modell’s brand.

News Facts

  • Modell’s operates a chain of more than 150 sporting goods stores and relies on its associates to deliver superior customer service. Understanding that flexibility and work-life balance are key to recruiting and retaining the best talent, Modell’s invested in the Workforce Dimensions solution, including automated task management capabilities, to deliver an enriched employee experience.
  • Kronos Task Management powered by ThinkTime extends the power of Workforce Dimensions by helping associates prioritize actionable tasks and customer needs from any device.
    • Modell’s will leverage strategic labor insights and task data from Workforce Dimensions to inform forecasting and scheduling, providing an unprecedented level of transparency and streamlined execution.
    • With greater visibility into the real-time status of distributed work, managers can more easily balance individual workflows to ensure associates have time to complete critical tasks, thereby driving higher engagement and productivity. Integrated calendar views enable detailed planning and comparison of activities by location, role, and individual.
    • Kronos Task Management easily translates store audits into action with customized walk-through templates that allow district managers to score individual stores based on Modell’s corporate standards, assign tasks in the moment to address problem areas, and document growth and success upon future visits.
  • Scalable, future-ready features of Workforce Dimensions will help Modell’s improve workforce productivity, optimize labor spend, and minimize compliance risk all while engaging associates and transforming managers into strategic problem solvers.
    • Schedule optimization engines and advanced labor forecasting powered by AIMEE – an artificial intelligence (AI) engine built for managers and employees – intelligently aligns staff to store demand to automatically create best-fit schedules that are stable and predictable. Modell’s customers will benefit from having the right people with the right skills in place to assist them at any location.
    • Workforce Advisor, the digital personal assistant in Workforce Dimensions, automates repetitive administrative tasks for managers – such as evaluating time-off and scheduling requests in real time – and instantly alerts associates when their request has been approved.
    • Predictive capabilities of Workforce Dimensions dramatically reduce time spent securing a replacement when an associate calls out sick, all while ensuring that individuals are working proper shifts.
    • Proactive compliance functionality reveals the impact that unplanned scheduling changes and absence can have on both business performance and compliance with scheduling legislation, alerting managers to potential compliance risks days before a potential issue surfaces so they can act quickly to prevent under- or over-staffing and unnecessary or excessive overtime.
  • Today’s workforce expects workplace technology to grant flexibility that makes their lives easier. With Workforce Dimensions, Modell’s will attract and retain valued employees by encouraging associates to work their own way, while streamlined processes will enable teams to focus on delivering exceptional customer experiences.
    • Leveraging the power of mobile, Modell’s associates can complete important actions from any device with Workforce Dimensions, including managing their daily workload, picking up or swapping shifts, requesting time off, viewing schedules, clocking in and out of shifts, and submitting support tickets.
    • Personalized, in-the-moment communications keep associates focused on priority work so they can complete tasks efficiently and make customer service a priority.
    • Collaborative self-scheduling will empower associates to express where, when, and how much they want to work.

Supporting Quotes

  • Jim Argerakis, senior vice president of operations, Modell’s Sporting Goods
    “It’s critical to our business that associates feel engaged and inspired at work. Modell’s has built an incredible workforce comprised of people who connect with our brand’s customers and understand their needs, so retention is key. We are confident that the employee-first environment we’re creating with Workforce Dimensions and task management from Kronos will empower associates in ways that help them be more engaged, more productive, and ultimately provide better service to customers.
  • Amanda Nichols, senior manager, retail and hospitality practice group, Kronos
    “Modell’s is embracing the future of work by deploying the industry’s most advanced, multi-tenant cloud solution powered by AI and machine learning. Workforce Dimensions combines today’s leading-edge workforce management and task management capabilities, while the scalable Kronos D5 platform will enable future integrations beyond the retailer’s immediate needs – making it the ideal solution for any forward-thinking retail, hospitality, or food service organization.”

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