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As an organization that understands great businesses are powered by great people, Kronos Incorporated is honored to announce the results of its most recent Global Employee Engagement Survey, which shows that 92 percent of Kronos employees – i.e. “Kronites” – are proud to work at Kronos. This statistic is one in a range of proof points about exceptionally high employee engagement at Kronos stemming from a survey by CEB, a leading member-based advisory firm, which was completed by 90 percent of Kronites worldwide.

Kronites Exude Passion, Commitment, and Company Confidence
According to CEB, 84 percent of Kronites worldwide are engaged at work, which is well above the global IT benchmark of 72 percent and significantly surpasses the 2016 average U.S. employee engagement mark of nearly 33 percent from Gallup1.

  • More than 90 percent of employees would recommend Kronos products and services to a friend.
  • Nearly 90 percent of Kronites are confident in the future success of the company.
  • The vast majority of Kronites see a clear link between their individual role, Kronos goals, and customer objectives and feel encouraged to come up with new and more efficient ways of working, which drives innovation for Kronos and its customers.

WorkInspired Culture Drives Performance, Innovation, and Dedication to Customers
The company’s award-winning WorkInspired culture is built on a foundation of trust and transparency, rooted in caring for colleagues and customers. This transparency and culture of caring has a direct impact on delivering innovative products and dedicated services for more than 30,000 customers around the globe.

  • More than 90 percent of employees say that Kronites consider what is important to the customer when making decisions.
  • Compared with the global IT norm of 71 percent, 85 percent of Kronites say that colleagues treat each other with trust and mutual respect.
  • Kronite dedication is echoed by customers of all sizes and across all industries in satisfaction surveys conducted by a third party on behalf of Kronos:
    • “It’s such a great company. I can't stress that enough. Kronos hires top-notch people who are people-oriented.”
    • “Whenever we need something, they’re there for us. They really care about our demands.”
    • “The professional services team could not do better.”
    • “We go to Kronos for help and they really do help you. Support is rock solid.”
    • “The technical people are the best I have ever worked with.”
    • “Kronos people are on top of everything. They are really smart and understand our needs.”
  • Kronos employee engagement scores have risen sharply over the past several years in line with the company’s exceptional growth as a $1.2 billion software leader.

Every Kronite Deserves a Great Manager: The Manager Effectiveness Index
In a recent New York Times Q&A, Kronos Chief Executive Officer Aron Ain discussed the Kronos philosophy that managing people is a privilege and stated that great managers who inspire, develop, and empower employees are the single largest contributor to company success. To harness the qualities that make a great manager – as defined by Kronos employees – and continually develop great leaders, Kronos embarked on a groundbreaking HR initiative: the Manager Effectiveness Index.

  • As part of its most recent Global Employee Engagement Survey, employees were asked to rate their direct manager on 15 different questions that map to Kronos values about leadership.
    • In the areas measured – empowerment, support, communication, and development – the vast majority of Kronites have a very favorable impression of their manager.
    • When examining responses across the company, the results of the Manager Effectiveness Index showed a clear connection between effective managers, employee engagement, and retention.
    • Individual results of the index were delivered to people managers, who are using the feedback to create action plans that will help them grow as a leader.

Supporting Quotes

  • Nathaniel Polky, director, IT, McLendon Hardware
    “Every single engagement we’ve had with Kronos – from sales and services to marketing and product development – proves that all employees are committed to the success of the customer. Kronos, from top to bottom, is a very disciplined, dedicated, and focused organization. We put a lot of trust in that. Being a Kronos customer is an extremely positive relationship because of the people who work there.”
  • David Almeda, chief people officer, Kronos
    “We are humbled and proud to have an award-winning culture. Knowing that 92 percent of employees are proud to work for Kronos is a positive proof point that we’re headed in the right direction. That said, we will always strive to improve. This includes investing in building an even better workplace, just as we would any other critical strategic initiative. An important part of getting better is listening and reacting to our employees. Our engagement surveys help us keep our finger on the pulse of how thousands of employees around the world are feeling about working at Kronos and about the way that they are being led every day. Because every employee deserves a great manager, we will continue to support our managers and ensure that they have the ability to inspire, empower, and develop the people they lead. Kronos is all in on creating a workplace and a company that our employees are proud of. A workplace where we value and take care of each other, our families, our customers, and our communities. These are the things that makes Kronos so special.”

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    • This announcement was made from KronosWorks, the world’s largest workforce information exchange. KronosWorks is taking place this week in Orlando.
    • Listen to CEO Aron Ain talk about the critical importance of great workplace culture in a recent Workforce Institute podcast.
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    • In line with the Kronos GiveInspired spirit, Kronos will harness the power of social media to support Paws for Veterans, a not-for-profit organization providing combat injured veterans with task trained medical service dogs, supplies, therapeutic group sessions, and natural treatment alternatives. For every photo from the event shared by attendees on social media with #KronosWorks, Kronos will donate $20 to Paws for Veterans, up to $20,000.
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    Footnote 1: According to Gallup® U.S. Daily survey, U.S. Employee Engagement Average, published in July 2016.