LOWELL, Mass., Feb 28, 2018

Operating in an industry faced with tightening margins, increasing competition, and fast-evolving labor laws and regulations, convenience store chain Sprint Mart is using the Workforce Ready suite of solutions from Kronos Incorporated to achieve advanced business objectives. Workforce Ready is helping Sprint Mart manage compliance; boost employee engagement; and drive greater customer satisfaction.

News Facts

  • Sprint Mart uses the Kronos time and attendance, HR, payroll, and employee scheduling applications across 90 locations. The retailer chose to transform these processes with Kronos to align with its vision of implementing an integrated workforce management solution for all employees as a key business strategy.
  • Kronos has allowed Sprint Mart to reimagine workforce management, driving a cultural change and creating a positive work environment where employees have greater control over their work lives. For example, Kronos enables Sprint Mart employees to swap shifts with each other without manager intervention and work across different locations. Managers also gain access to the entire pool of Sprint Mart employees to select from when creating schedules for different locations. These benefits help generate schedules that take into consideration employee preferences and skill sets as well as store demand, optimizing the scheduling process.
  • Since implementing Kronos, turnover has decreased at Sprint Mart. The solution not only allows employees to have a say in their schedules, leave, and other work-related aspects, but also offers data to support performance decisions. With more actionable insights supporting an employee’s performance, the effects of manager perception or bias are significantly reduced when it comes to performance-oriented outcomes.
  • Though the majority of Sprint Mart’s workforce is hourly, Kronos offers the retailer a way to holistically develop the workforce including both hourly and salaried employees. With Kronos, salaried employees are also enjoying easy and timely access to benefits, performance, and other HR information.
  • Sprint Mart is also benefitting from more complete and compliant HR and payroll processes with Kronos. Labor laws and regulations are rapidly evolving in the U.S. and with Kronos, Sprint Mart is better prepared to comply with changing laws and mitigate risk. 

Supporting Quotes

  • Chris McKinney, director, human resources, Sprint Mart
    "Our success hinges on our people as everyday our team members meet the various needs of thousands of customers. It is our team members’ dedication to  delivering a superior customer experience that puts Sprint Mart among the best in convenience stores. Given the importance we place on our people, we also believe that workforce management and investments in advanced technology must be the top priority for any organization to remain competitive. Kronos is the clear leader in workforce management and we’re excited to see the benefits from our implementation.”
  • Jennifer Johnson, director, retail and hospitality practice group, Kronos
    “Sprint Mart offers its employees a way to reach their fullest potential through continuous training, job enrichment, and advancement opportunities. The convenience store chain’s selection of Kronos is an extension of this commitment to make work exciting, challenging, and personally rewarding. We will continue to help Sprint Mart maintain and exceed its employee- and customer- centric priorities.”

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